14 Days of Love – Write a Love Note

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Show someone you care with a new Frugal Valentines Idea everyday through February 14th.  These ideas will be free or cheap and are designed to focus on the little things you can do to show someone you care.

Send Your Love!

Send your spouse or significant other a handwritten love note to work.  Sneak the note into their lunch bag, briefcase, coat pocket or somewhere you know will be checked during the day.  Handwriting the note makes is more personal and can even take you back to passing notes to each other when you were dating :)

Use a plain piece of paper, fancy letterhead or create a card.  However you choose to send you’re love, remember that it’s about telling someone how special they are, not about your craft skills or lack there of :)

Kid Tip:

Send your child a love note of their own in their lunch box.  Cut out a paper heart or write on a napkin.  You can write a simple “I (Heart) U for preschoolers or “I love you, have a great day” for other children.  Kids will enjoy getting a special note from Mom too!

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