Aldi (non)Coupon Policy

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Aldi doesn’t have a coupon policy since they don’t accept coupons!  However, here are some tips to help make your shopping trip easier.

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  • Aldi’s Stores do not accept coupons!
  • Bring a quarter as a deposit to get a cart. The quarter is reimbursed to you when the cart is returned.
  • Bring in your own reusable grocery bags or you’ll be charges a small fee at checkout.
  • Most products sold at Aldi are store brand or private label.
  • Aldi has a Double Guarantee if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, they will replace the product AND refund your money.

Products Covered Under Our Double Guarantee
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will offer a Double Quality Guarantee where we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money. Please return the package and any unused product to your local ALDI Store Manager and they will issue a refund and replacement. The Double Guarantee does not apply to non-food Special Buy items, alcohol or national brands.

Non-Food Special Buy Items, Alcohol and National Brands Guarantee
A replacement or refund will be offered for non-food Special Buy items, alcohol* or national brands. Please return the product and the original package to your local ALDI Store Manager. In addition, some of our ALDI exclusive brands and national brand offerings are covered by a manufacturers’ limited warranty. Please consult the instruction manual or warranty card that came with the product to determine how to make a warranty claim.

*State law may prohibit the replacement or refund of alcohol.



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