April Grocery Tally

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April was a 5 week month for us.  I still stick with our $300 month grocery budget even if I have to stretch another weeks worth of food out of it.  I was really impressed with myself this month.  I usually run out of money to buy milk and bread :)
I stayed out of the store and only purchased items that we needed or were a great price.  It helped that I only made 1 Harris Teeter Triples trip and the WAGS and CVS deals weren’t really what I wanted.  I did deplete my meat supply a lot, so I think my mother-in-law will take me to the commissary for meat this month.  I may need to use the leftover money from April to supplement that. We’ll see…
Total Spent: $270.79
Total Saved: $519.08
Rebates Owed: $5.00
Amount Remaining in Cash Envelope: $29.21
Weekly average: $54.16!!

I also submitted for PG Coupon Booklet Rebate and Free Land O Lakes Coupon Rebate

How did you do?
How do you handle 5 week months?


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