Ask a Blogger: Advertising on a Limited Budget

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Are you broke? Are you just starting out? Have you been doing this for awhile and your site is not going anywhere. The resolution to all of those issues is advertising your business to a different audience. I often get asked how did you grow quickly. The answer is marketing and advertising and being creative. I believe it takes money to make money. I say that but I do not actually use my money to advertise.

Here are three simple ideas that you can use right now to improve your reach without spending a dime.

1) Ask everyone you know to talk about you. I would get myself a FREE t-Shirt from Vista Print and where it everywhere. I would “buy” some business cards when they are free on Vista Print. I would hand them out to anyone who moves. You never know.

2) I would sign up for sites like Swag Bucks . They pay you to search on the internet. You can make money and use it to purchase advertising without spending any money out of your pocket. The other option is one I have been very successful with to the tune of $50 a week in superpoints. Here are codes to join.


What you do here is build a multilevel team and then you all spin to win prizes and money. I use the money/ giftcards I earn as prizes on my site. The prizes increase the fans who come to my site. They increase the page views on my ads which increase my revenue. I didn’t pay a thing and I am making money and my fans are winning things. The fans are also able to earn by spinning so it is a win-win situation.

3) Exchange advertising. I have set up a place on my site MADAME DEALS to place other bloggers buttons on my real deal site. If you are interested in a swap fill out my Button Exchange document here!

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