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Can you blog on an Ipad2? I just recently went on a vacation to Prague and I didn’t want to take my computer. I wondered how was I going to keep up my site Madame Deals and not have to have a laptop with me. The answer was simple borrow my husband’s ipad2. The first thing you need to do is determine if you have access to wifi. If you do not what are your alternatives?

I bought the ipad2 to be used with AT&T service. I did this for two reasons. The first reason was I may not be near wifi and I need to use my ipad2. The second reason is my service plan is only $25.00 a month. They have one for $14.99. I am actually going to switch to the lower one since I know I will not be traveling for awhile. I can cancel my contract anytime which is nice. The international rate was reasonable in case I could not find wifi.

I use WordPress so I am going to write about my experiences blogging on it. I think using the Ipad2 was great. It gave me the flexibility I needed. I was able to write articles. I wished I bought the keyboard because it would have been quicker but I was still able to blog using the landscape mode. I can say I was limited in my ability to add pictures. I actually wasn’t able to download picture from my ipad2 and place them in my articles. I could make videos and take images on the ipad2. I tried to take pictures on the ipad2 and load them without success. I would recommend buying one as your second option not as your only option. That was until I found this super app on the itunes store.

I found the answer to all the issues above for just $2.95. It is called Blogpress. It makes blogging easy and I can’t say enough good things about it.
Do you have an ipad2?

If you need hosting we both use Host Gator and Love them.

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