Ask a Blogger: Create Your Own Twitter Background

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Want to make a pretty background for your Twitter page?  Madame Deals shows you how to create a custom Twitter background for FREE! 

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This is what Amee did:

1. Down Load Jing it is free! This is how you use Jing in case you missed last week.

2. Grab a screenshot of something on your blog that you would like to make your background on Twitter

3. Save the image

4. Open your twitter account

5. Click on Profile

6. Click on Design

7. Change Background image (Tile or not)

8. Choose the file you created using Jing or your screenshot tool

9. Then you can change your design colors

10. Save

11. Click on Home to see your handy work!

*My twitter background was designed by Beth with Two Monkey’s & a Washtub. 


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