Ask a Blogger: Do Blog Hops Work?

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Join Madame Deals in a Gadget Hop in January

The blogger hop – is it worth your money? How many should you do? Why are these sweeping the internet? The answer is they work. I say they work because I do them in fact I am co-hosting a gadget hop in Jan. I invite you to pay your $10 to [email protected] and sign up here Blogger Hop . Why? The reason is you increase your page views during hops. You increase the exposure your site has over the internet by having your site exposed to others. You are able to advertise your contest to several people at once.

If you want to make the most of a blog hop. You need to sign up quickly to insure your are near the top of the list. You need to get your friends on board if there is a referral prize. You then need to post the event button on your site so you can network with others. The button on your site says to potential advertisers I can expect that my ad will be seen by others. You also need to join these events to be invited to future events. I believe you have to spend money to make money. The $10 spent on the event should be paid off quickly with the exposure you will gain. I enjoy meeting other blog owners. You also get invited into special groups and learn new tricks of the trade. I hope that what I offer my readers will convert theirs to stick around, hang out, and buy.

If you are interested feel free to sign up any blog is welcome.. you just need a gadget prize.


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