Ask a Blogger: How to Embed a Video in a Blog Post

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This week’s Ask a Blogger will answer a question I received on the post How to Make a Screenshot and Screencast:

Question: Can you get your video to be embedded in your blog post? Or will it only allow it to be accessed by clicking the link & viewing it on youtube?

Answer: Yes, you can embed a video in a blog post.

  1. From your youtube account, look for the option to “share” your video
  2. Under the URL, Click “embed”
  3. Paste that code into your blog post (under the HTML tab)
  4. “Preview” then “Publish” your post from the HTML editor (going back to the visual editor may remove the iframe code for the video)

I typically add a link to the video on youtube in case the video doesn’t load for some readers.

Video not displaying?  Click here.

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