Ask a Blogger: How to Get a Sponsor For a Conference

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Last week I posted about my personality and how to overcome shyness at a Blogging Conference.  This week Amee is continuing with another conference post and talking about How can you afford to go to a conference?  Conferences can get expensive!  This week she will focus on How to get a sponsor.

I actually budget for my conferences and I have set aside funds. I plan to pay my way unless I receive a sponsor. It is true in life that there isn’t going to be an advertiser that asks you to take their money so you can grow your business. That is why you need to ask people. I know gulp. How do you ask someone to sponsor you? The first thing you need to do is put on your big girl or boy panties and write a list of reasons why you are a good choice. I will provide you with a list of a couple things to begin with. The first is who you are. If you are going to represent the company they need to know about you. The second thing is what does your site have to offer. The third is what do you have to offer over the competition. The fourth thing is what are you going to provide them for their sponsorship.

There are serveral options: You can provide advertising on your site. You can provide advertising on your body using a tshirt with their logo. You can get business cards made with their logo and information. You can put together a tweet package or facebook package. You can offer to host events for them and do reviews.

Sponsors oh sponsors where are you? A sponsor can be anyone who writes you period. When I receive a request for me to post something I write back. The cost is or I will trade you x for z. I think you need to go through all the reviews you have done ever and start contacting people you have worked for in the past. I would come up with your media package and include several options. I mean every $25 or $50 helps . Once you have gathered the potential lucky sponsor then you need to get your list together of why you are the best choice. If you need help ask a friend. This list will help you play up the strengths of your site and your ability to turn your audience into their potential buyers.

Now you have to write your pitch letter. The pitch letter should get them interested. I never reveal my information up front. I always build a relationship prior to asking or demanding anything. Next you also have to come up with a media package. What are your plans and what are your prices? I would do your research. That means look at your competition. If you want to win you have to study your competitors. The prize is worth the time. Once you have pitched someone using Madame Deals letter as a guide. Then you need to turn their “maybe” into “here is a check”.  This is how you close the deal. The key to finding a sponsoring is having a plan, a media kit and enough chutzpah to ask anyone and everyone. You never know who will say yes unless you ask.

If you need hosting we both use Host Gator and Love them.

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