Ask a Blogger: How to Increase Facebook Followers

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We’ve talked about a variety of blogging tips over the past few months. We’ve discussed connecting with other bloggers, how to make money blogging & even provided some of our favorite WordPress plug-ins. Now, it’s time to talk Social Media.

Using Social Media is a fantastic way to promote your site and gain new readers. One of my favorite Social Media platforms is Facebook. You can connect with thousands of users just by having a Facebook Fan Page for your website. There are more than 500 million active Facebook users according to the Facebook Press Room.

Reach out to these 500 million Facebook users by posting your blog articles on Facebook, getingt feedback and engaging readers in easy conversation. You will get readers to your website where they will hopefully keep coming back for more.

To make the most out of Facebook, you need “Fans”. Well, how do you get people to “Like” you on Facebook?

1) Set an obtainable goal: Set goals to increase your Facebook presence. Set monthly and yearly goals then work diligently to meet those goals. For instance, my personal goal is 10,000 Facebook Fans by the end of 2011.

2) Determine your sphere of influence: Who you can get to help you reach your goal? Who do you want to market yourself to?

3) Select three people to help: Select 3 influential bloggers to help promote your site. Be willing to help promote their Facebook Page as well. Trade shout outs with other blogs (pick sites that are NOT like yours to gain new fans) & offer entries on contests for shoutouts.

4) Think of a reason to have people follow you: Why would people be willing to “Like” you on Facebook? What do you have to offer? Great content? A unique voice? Great giveaway prizes? Give people a reason to “Like” your page and you’ll see an increase in followers.

5) Come up with a gimmick or contest: As with #4, determine a way to make readers WANT to follow along on Facebook. You can hold an exclusive Facebook giveaway or add “Liking” your Facebook Page as an extra entry into a contest.

6) Post on your site your goals and enlist your followers to help: Be sincere and tell them why you want more fans. ie Amee is honest that she can approach companies and ask for larger giveaways because of my fan base numbers. She is also able to secure payments for posts based on her numbers in social media.

Now, we what to help you get more Followers!

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