Ask a Blogger: How to Take Screenshot & Make a Screencast

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One of the handy tools in blogging to the ability to take a screenshot and a screencast.

A screenshot is capturing something shown on your computer screen to a static image file.  You are taking a snapshot (or picture) of your computer screen.

A Screencast is capturing a recording of your computer screen accompanied by audio.  The audio is a commentary of what is happening on the screen as it occurs.

Once you have taken a Screenshot of your computer screen, you can crop the image (if necessary) in a program such as Microsoft Office.

I personally use Jing.  It is a free service that allows the user to easily capture both screenshots and screencasts.  I have chosen to upgrade to JingPro for only $14.95 per year.  The upgrade has assisted with uploading my Jing Screencasts to the Coupon Challenge YouTube channel.

I also hear that Screencast-o-Matic is another good free service to use.

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  1. Ada Miller says

    Thanks for the tips! They are very helpful & i knew how to do a screen shot,but not screencast.

    I do have a blog,but only a few followers. I just started it to help with being eligible for crowdtap sample shares & things like that. One thing i haven’t been able to figure out is if you do a new blog post on your blog i see it allows you to add a link,video etc,but when i have tried to do that it only ads a clickable link to my blog post instead of embedding the video there. Can you get your video to be embedded in your blog post? or will it only allow it to be accessed by clicking the link & viewing it on youtube? My blog is on blogspot so i was thinking maybe since my blog isn’t anything big maybe I don’t have the privilege to have the video embedded in my post? IDK & hope this makes sense. Some of this stuff is still a little confusing for me,so it would be nice to figure it out. It is fun posting on my blog when i have things to post Thanks again!


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