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What is SEO?

I am going to start out with I am not an expert. I frankly know a little bit more than some of you. I however thought I would share what I know (learned Thanks to Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager of Webmaster Outreach, from Bing.). I believe when you own a site you need to share what you know so you can discover what you do not know.

I am going to give you three tips that I learned from a call I had with Bing. Yes, Bing the search engine people. They were nice enough to have an SEO training and boy do I need more.

Okay so here it goes:

1) Check you page rank.. Why? Well the closer your page ranks get to 10 the more recall the search engines have for your site. Why do I care? Well, I can charge more for paid reviews because of my page rank? Yes, but the real reason to care is the higher your page rank the more likely it is to come up in a search.

2) If you have word press install the plug in All in one SEO pack The speaker from Bing said it is the best. It automatically selects your meta tags so you can get the most out of everything you write.

3) If you write something try to make sure it is at least 250 words. The search engine is looking for content. If you have good content your site will move up higher and more organic traffic will come to your site.

4) If you are adding an image into your post make sure you write a description that could be searchable. In this post I could place the caption under the image above as two bloggers, two female bloggers, women with computers, and lap top images. (This was new to me I usually named images something like my daughter… Duh, that would never get searched)

I would also explore these tools


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