Ask a Blogger: Make Money Blogging by Connecting with Other Bloggers

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Last week Amee talked about a topic that most bloggers are eager to learn more about, How to Make Money Blogging.  I learned early on that blogging takes a tremendous amount of time.  You must write content, stay up-to-date on current issues in your niche (in our case deals), answer emails and comments, connect with other bloggers, build an audience and much more.  After realizing the time involved in blogging;  I decided I needed to be compensated for my time.  I blog first to help others save money and second to help support my family.

I’ll remind everyone that you don’t start off making money.  In the first year, I barely made more than I spent.  In a year!  Find a topic you are passionate about and brace yourself for a long, exciting journey.

If you missed last week, Amee talked about several active ways to generate income for your site.  This week we’ll be begin talking about passive money making tips.  These passive tips help generate income for your site by increasing traffic. More traffic can equal more money.

My first suggestion is to connect with other bloggers.  You could be successful as a loner, but working together helps build your network, knowledge, presence and just makes blogging more enjoyable when you can connect with like-mined individuals.  Ask these bloggers to promote you.  I recently joined up with a group of amazing bloggers.  We have dubbed ourselves the Maven’s of Money.  Make sure you take a look at our blogroll & visit the other Maven’s.  I love all their sites, and I’m sure you will find beneficial content on each.  Who knows, you may find another favorite blog!

Share posts with other bloggers to get your site name out there.  You want the world to know your blog exists!  If no one knows you’re there, you can write the best content ever and not get traffic nor income.  In the frugal niche, we trade store matchups and deal posts.  This is a win – win situation.  The bloggers linking up get more content on their sites and the shared blogger, at a minimum, gets exposure for their website and traffic back.

Another passive way to promote your site is to add an email signature.  Once you spend the time setting up the signature, it does all the work for you.  A few things to consider including in a signature:

  • Your Name
  • Website Name
  • Website address
  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook handle
  • RSS feed and/or email updates links

You can take this a step further by again asking your friends to promote you.  The Maven’s have divided up and suggested 2-3 group members in their email signatures.  We’re letting readers, other bloggers & companies know how to reach us and other great blogs. 

Now go out there and get social! 

Next week, we’ll get into more passive ways to Make Money Blogging. 

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    “You want the world to know your blog exists!” – So true, guilty as charged. Connecting with other bloggers within your own niche is definitely one way of getting attention and increase circulation.


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