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This weeks Ask a Blogger post is from Amee with Madame Deals

Do you have an Advertising promotion plan? Do you know how much you need to make to run your business?
We have talked about advertising but lets go further. Who are you advertising with? Are you making enough? How do you know? Are you doing it right? I have to say I have no idea. The ads on my site we set up someone else. I created an excel document with the advertisers name and then placed in the monthly revenue. I did so for three months. I then looked up my stats on Google Analytics to confirm that my traffic has increased so my revenue should also increase at the same rate. It wasn’t.  I thought wow I have all these Google ads and I am making peanuts. What am I doing wrong?

I asked my friend and she told me to hire 3 Reasons Design. I asked her how much she made a month and lets just say I was making less than peanuts. I was making change and she was making dollars. Since the motto of the site is Making Dollar$ out of Change I knew I needed Brad. I obtained Brad’s rate, which he has agreed to offer at a discount if you contact him and say you’re heard about him through Madame Deals. He charges $40 an hour but agreed to offer you all a rate of $35 an hour. I had a lot of work done since I have three unique dashboards.  Your bill will not be even close to mine. I would estimate it should run you $75.

I am now making DOLLARS instead of change. I went from about $15.96 a month to over $100.00. It has actually been quite an eye opening experience. The things I studied were number of visitors, page views, and unique visitors. I won in all three categories, so why was she making a killing and I was making pennies? The answer was simple I had not idea what I was doing.
There are a couple of things you need to do. 1) Take the trainings the ad company’s offer. 2) Call your ad executive and arrange a time for them to show you around and explain what modifications they think you should make and why 3) Determine if you have a better chance of making money from pay per view ads or pay per click ads. 4) Determine what ads you want to run to make sure they fit your site 5) Decide how many ad companies you want to work with and why 6) Determine if your ads are placed correctly 7) Select the correct ad sizes so you can have the most breath of advertisers 8) Attend training regularly to keep up with what is new and innovative.
I have said before I consider my site to be a TV show you have the content and you have some commercials. I am in the business of Making Dollar$ out of Change. I am still learning, and each week I am moving closer to having a viable business. I think it is important to stop what you are doing and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. You need to establish a goal and figure out how to meet it. I hope to increase my advertising revenue by 50% by the end of May. I am going to do so by choosing the right ads, placement, sizes, and content.
What are your goals? What are you doing to achieve them?

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