Ask a Blogger: Negotiating a Contract

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You have written a killer pitch letter. You are now in the negotiation stage. What do you say? How do you get the person to go with your best deal. I actually ask them. What would make you select option A over B? I never change my price. I suggest you do not change your price either. That sends the message that what you do is not valuable. You can change your price if they go for a larger deal. I have a better rate on advertising for over 6 months than I do for one month.

How can you add value without changing your price. I always look at what the person is promoting. I talked about pitching Mattel. I would go to Mattel’s site and evaluate the product. I would write back my prospective client and make unique options. I would say I see that your product relates to parents. The best time to engage parents is from 6:30- 10:00 EST. I will set my post to stick to my page for that time frame. You need to be creative in your closing. You also need to be informed. The chance that this person is looking at you and looking at others is great. You need to ask yourself what makes you better and convey that in writing.

The way to close the deal is to ask for it. What can I do to earn your business? I never write an advertiser back adjusting my rate. I suggest you wait. If you feel the need to write back you should send your original pitch and a need for action. I let the advertisers know I have a schedule and if they would like to be placed on it I need a decision so I can spend time writing the perfect pitch and organizing the perfect contest.

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