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I was thinking about my decision to move from Blogger to WordPress and it occurred to me that Amee & I never mentioned why we chose over  Both and (including Blogger) offer a FREE blogging platform.  The difference between and is who hosts the blog. is similar to Blogger in that you get FREE hosting. is hosting the blog for you. is “self-hosted” meaning that you purchase hosting yourself.   The Coupon Challenge is a blog hosted by Host Gator.  I pay a monthly fee to Host Gator to keep my blog up and running.

Basically with, you get what you pay for.  On a blog hosted though, you severely limit the customization of your website and you can’t monetize your website with ads unless you pay a fee.

Hmm, let’s think about this.  If you want the ability to monetize your blog, you must pay for it.  Well, you might as well pay to “self-host” your blog through and get the customization benefits.

If I were to start a new blog and didn’t have the funds to pay for hosting, I would choose Blogger over  I would then switch over to once I have decided that blogging is something that would work for me.  I found a nice Blogger vs chart that I thought would be beneficial for those not ready to commit to

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    Thank you so much! I have always wondered that. I’ve been thinking of switching over to wordpress. I’ve heard it has so many benefits than blogger. Any suggestions on the transition??

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