Ask An Accountant: What to do with My IRA Rollover

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How I want to handle my rollover..In 2010 I rolled over all the money from my IRA (which started out as a 401K )to a Roth IRA. Do I want to split the taxable amount between 2011 & 2012 or do I want put in the whole taxable amount this year & take the tax hit all this year?


If you think you will be in a higher tax bracket next year, then take it all now. If it will not make that much of a difference, split it to get refunds in both years. In the end you will most likely pay the same amount of tax on those dollars, you just have the option of paying the tax over 1 year or 2. Personally, I would opt for 2 years…(why pay the IRS now if they are allowing you to pay later with no penalty) You control the use of the money, not the IRS. This can be a gamble if tax rates increase, but I don’t think that wil happen for a few years.

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