Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season One DVD Set Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

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Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!

Who remembers watching Captain Planet and the Planeteers growing up?  I certainly do! 

Captain Planet is an eco-hero from within our Earth.  He fights a never ending battle against eco-villains with the help of five young people from around the globe (the Planeteers).  These eco-villains are out to destroy the world through looting and polluting the Earth’s   resources.   Through the guidance of Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, the Planeteers are always there to fight against villains such as Sly Sludge and Dr. Blight.  When the situation becomes too tough for the Planeteers to handle, they combine their powers  to summon Captain Planet.  Once the situation is under control, Captain Planet returns to the Earth with a message: “The Power is yours!”

This popular 1990’s televistion series is making it’s way back into homes across the nation just in time for an Earth Day celebration.  I was given the opportunity to watch Season One on DVD with my children before it’s released in stores on April 19th.  I have to tell you, my kids LOVE this show!  My oldest likes their powers and how the Planeteers make Captain Planet come out and fight the bad guys.   

From a mom’s perspective:  I love sharing programs with my children that I grew up watching.  One of my favorite parts of the program is that although Captain Planet is defeating the villains, there is no excessive violence like most of today’s programs contain.  The plot keeps my kids interested and learning about protecting our Earth while remaining a “clean” show.  Additionally, each episode ends with tips on how people can be part of the solution.  The tips make for a great family discussion on how we can protect our planet.

We have enjoyed watching Seaon One as a family and hope your family will enjoy it as well!

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  1. Ashley H says

    I watched this show all the time! I liked the girl that controlled the wind. I can’t remember her name.

  2. sarah t says

    i didn’t watch this, in fact i’ve never heard of this show before but i think my son will love it.

  3. Michael says

    running the risk of being too literal….I liked the facebook page… :) Captain Planet was a unique kids show, and it’s message of eco-awareness should not be lost on those who grew up watching it I feel.
    And my favorite character was the Captain himself. He came in the time of need and brought life back to a planet on crutches….plus he could fly. That’s always cool, too.

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    I love this show!!! A few months ago, I found out that reruns come on but at 6 in the morning but Captain Planet is worth it lol. My favorite character used to be Linka because I loved her accent!

  15. says

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  16. Raven In A Blue Room says

    growing up in a different country I didn’t watch Captain Planet :(

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  17. Raven In A Blue Room says

    following you on twitter @left_the_stars

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

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  22. Amy says

    By their powers combined…I am Captain Planet! I grew up watching this show… Love it…*like* :)

  23. angie says

    I did watch it, but I haven’t seen it in so long, I can’t remember the characters.

  24. Monique Rizzo says

  25. Heather Torres says

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  37. Debbie Kennedy says

    The name of the program sounds familiar, but I don’t honestly remember watching it (we weren’t allowed to watch alot of tv) – now I need to see what I was missing!

  38. Heather Torres says

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  46. tina reynolds says

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  50. meme says

    I used to watch this when I was younger and now I sometimes see it on tv with my 5 year old. we both like captain planet.

  51. Flash says

    No, I didn’t watch it. But I saw the pictures at the top of the page and based on that my favorite probably would have been the “blond” in the pink spandex (?). I always go for the pretty girl–even if she’s, uh, well, animated. Okay, that’s a euphemism for a cartoon, but still that’s me. And it looks like maybe she was a bad girl (not that there’s anything wrong with that–some of my best friends were/are bad girls).