Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments {Homemade Minnie Mouse Ornament}

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Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re a Disney or Minnie Mouse fan, you will love this craft!  It also makes a great gift for little girls who enjoy watching Minnie on TV.

This year my boys are making ornaments for family members, and since my granddaughter is a big Minnie Mouse fan, this homemade Minnie Mouse Ornament seemed like a great idea.  It was very simple to make, but does require a bit of time as you have to allow the layers of paint to dry.

You can also skip the bow and make it a Mickey Mouse ornament!

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4 Halloween Cupcake Cup Crafts {On a Dollar Store Budget}

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Halloween Cupcake Cup Crafts:: PIN THIS ::

Everyone loves a great dollar store deal. Right now at your local Dollar Tree you can find Halloween themed cupcake cups in all sorts of colors and sizes. While your first thought may be to whip up a batch of cupcakes in these nifty little paper cups, there are so many more fun things you can do with them!

Take a look below at four fun Halloween Cupcake Cup Crafts you can make using cupcake cups and just a few other common household supplies. Never has decorating for the Halloween season been this fun, frugal, or festive.

Now take a look and get ready to get crafting!

  1. Cutesy Cupcake Bunting Banner
  2. Charming Cupcake Party Lights
  3. Clever Cupcake Cup Owls
  4. Bootiful Cupcake Cup Straw Skirts

As you can see, when it comes to crafting with cupcake cups you are only limited by your own imagination. Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to try them on your own and see what other uses you can find for cupcake cups.

Either way, you are sure to have fun and even pinch a few pennies while you are at it. Give these simple Halloween cupcake cup crafts a try and see what sorts of haunting treats you can come up with. Happy crafting!

Which is your favorite of the Halloween Cupcake Cup Crafts?

Also see 4 Spooky Crafts for more creative Halloween fun made from Dollar Tree finds!

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Do You Need Frugal Hobby Ideas?

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Frugal Hobby Ideas
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When you need frugal hobby ideas, it generally only requires a bit of observation of the world around you. People are getting more creative every day. They share their creativity on social networking sites, blogs, and in their daily lives. If you pay attention to what is going on in these places, ideas will literally spring up before your eyes. Here are some tips & suggestion for when you need frugal hobby ideas and are not sure where to start:

Craft Hobbies & More:

  1. PinterestPinterest is one of the most popular sites to visit when you need frugal hobby ideas. The images there often lead you to places where you can learn crafting skills and countless other cool ideas. You can even put your own twist on the crafts that you see there.
  2. Use Search Terms – You can always use your browser to find frugal hobby ideas. Just type in a search term for an interest you already have. Add words to your term as you narrow your interests based on the returns you get. The power of the almighty Google is a very effective tool.
  3. Recycle – If you want to save some cash, start looking at items you don’t use. You can come up with some interesting hobbies when you recycle what you already own. These hobbies usually cost you very little and often end up being centerpieces of your collection.
  4. Reading – Check out books from your local library or borrow books from sites such as Kindle Owners Lending Library or  Open Library to get books for FREE.
  5. Puzzles – put together puzzles or complete puzzles such as word search and cross word puzzles from local newspapers.  You can also purchase these items for relatively cheap.  Jigsaw puzzles can be found for less than $1 at garage sales.
  6. Cooking – Cook for pleasure instead of just necessity.  If you like to bake, plan one day a week as a baking day.  You can also put your skills to good use and give meals to friends, neighbors or school fundraisers.
  7. Photography – You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos!  Start with the camera you already have and play around with light, angles and backdrops.
  8. Couponing – A hobby to help you save money!  See the Couponing Basics guide to get started.

Hobbies Outside of the House:

If you need frugal hobby ideas for outside the house, it usually means you are up for some adventure. Cash doesn’t have to be a problem here because many of the best outdoor hobbies are completely free. Below are some suggestions for outdoor hobbies:

  1. Gardening –  Seeds are inexpensive enough and you can make your own compost so you don’t even have to pay for fertilizer. You can grow your own food and save money on the groceries. You might even sell some of what you grow so you go beyond frugal and make it lucrative. You might even grow flowers instead of food and use them for other hobbies.
  2. Explore – Look into taking nature walks or geocaching in your area. This gives you a chance to get outside and get some exercise. You will probably also get to explore areas you never thought about before.
  3. Foraging – Foraging is a great outdoor hobby because it costs you nothing. You can even reduce your bills by foraging for food. This is also a great way to learn about plants and teach children about the benefits and bounties nature has to offer.
  4. Fishing – enjoy the great outdoors and catch dinner at the same time!  You don’t need to spend a fortune on fishing gear either.  If you don’t already have a rod, take a look at your local thrift shop to find many like new reels.

You hobbies are only limited by your own imagination. When you need frugal hobby ideas, consider what you already have and how you can use it. Hobbies are often a great way to make use of things that are just sitting around the house or branch out your existing interests.

What are some of your Frugal Hobby Ideas?

Make sure to take a peak at our crafts section for specific ideas!


No-Sew Scented Drawer Sachet – How to Make a Sachet

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How to Make a Sachet
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Ever wondered how to make a sachet?  If you are looking for a simple craft to give as a gift or to make something for yourself, these pretty and simple no-sew scented drawer sachets will leave your clothes with a light fragrance.

They make a lovely hostess gift, basket filler, or just a treat for yourself. Pick out a pretty fabric and scent that you love. If you are looking for scents with aromatherapy benefits there are a wide variety of smells and benefits:

  • Lavender­ – Calming & relaxing
  • Orange­ – Brightens & relieves anxiety
  • Cinnamon­ Mood & Concentration
  • Peppermint­ – Energizing
  • Sandalwood­ – Relaxing­ alleviates stress, anxiety & depression

Another great idea is to get kids involved.  They can make gifts for family members or teachers.  My daughter always picks pink and loves the smell of lavender.  While my son likes peppermint scents – not he needs any more energy!

We plan to add a few of these no-sew sachets to a gift basket for my sister-in-law.  The kiddos want to find cute Disney material and make some sachets with orange and some with lavender.  I think it’ll be a great way to welcome the newest member of the family!

How to Make a Sachet


Thin cotton fabric
cotton batting ribbon
essential oil, I used Lavender
scissors or rotary cutter

  1. Cut fabric into an 8”8” square.
  2. Cut a 6” length of ribbon.
  3. Fill center with a piece of cotton batting a little bigger than an egg.-3
  4. Squeeze 5­7 drops of essential oil onto cotton batting.
  5. Draw up the four corners of your fabric, compress batting.-4
  6. Tie ribbon just above cotton batting filling.
  7. Knot the fabric.

In just minutes you can have enough sachets for all your drawers and a few for the closet. These are also very inexpensive to make. ­ I picked up this piece of fabric for $1.00 and a roll of ribbon for $1.50, the essential oil I already had on hand. ­ I was able to make 6 from the small piece of fabric, with plenty of other supplies left over for more projects.

I had some leftover flannel from another project and I made my husband a few, tying them with twine to make it a little less feminine, and scented with sandalwood.

Do you have any other ideas for using drawer sachets?

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Centsible Chic: DIY Chair Makeover

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DIY Chair Makeover

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How many times have you been driving down the road, and seen a sad little chair just hanging out on the curb? Maybe it is a tad dirty, scratched up, or just plain ugly.  Either way it is destined for the garbage dump. Or is it?

Why not rescue that ugly or beat up old chair and turn it into something amazing? With just a little work and minimal supplies, you can easily make an old chair into something new and fresh. Not sure how? Take a look below at how you can get “centsibly chic” and do your very own DIY chair makeover!

DIY Chair 1

First, let’s take a look at the supplies you will need. You may not use all of these items, but they are helpful to have on hand just in case. Most of these items can be found at your local craft store.

Supplies Needed:

-An old chair. Look for something solid. Everything else in the way of flaws can typically be fixed so don’t get too hung up on those. Check out your local thrift stores and garage sales for inexpensive finds. Our sample picture chair was a garage sale steal for just $1.

-Paint.  Spray paint or roll on paint will do. Choose a color and finish that speaks to you! For our sample picture we used “Colonial Red” by Rustoleum for around $3.50 a can.

-Paint brushes

-Sandpaper, mid grade

-Old towels

-Drop cloth

-1 yard of fabric. For our sample picture we used a piece of upholstery fabric found at a yard sale for just $1. Visit thrift stores or browse the bargain bins at your local craft store.

– Staple gun, staples



-Baking Soda


1. Before you begin, lay a drop cloth down to protect your floors or driveway.

2. Next, take a damp cloth and some basic household cleaner and wipe down the hard surfaces removing any dirt and debris.

3. Using your sandpaper, lightly sand any flaws or scratches to smooth them out. Lightly sanding the wood will also help the paint adhere better.

4. Remove the chair cushion by unscrewing the four screws that can be found underneath the cushion. Set these aside in a safe place so you don’t lose them! Set the cushion aside.

5. Now you are ready to paint! If rolling on your paint, apply two coats and allow for plenty of drying time in between. If spraying, hold your can a good 6 inches away and begin spraying, moving the can slowly. Apply a second coat if needed.

6. While your paint is drying, you can start working on the seat cushion. If it is stinky or dirty, you can sprinkle some baking soda on it and use a vacuum attachment to clean it off. You can also give it a generous spray of Febreeze to freshen up the fabric and remove odors.

7. Now that your cushion is all fresh and clean, you can recover it with the fabric of your choice. To do this, turn it over and place it face down on the back side of the fabric. Pull the fabric over the sides of the chairs, and pulling it tightly, use your staple gun to secure it into place. Do this slowly while pulling slowly, so you can be sure you get a good fit that is wrinkle free. Staple all along the perimeter of the seat, being careful not to cover the drill holes.

8. By now, your paint should be dry and your cushion can be placed back on the chair. To do this, simply put the cushion back on and use the screws to secure it.

9. To finish, you can take your sand paper and lightly distress the corners for an aged look, or just leave as is.

DIY chair 2

That’s it! In no time flat and with minimal supplies;  you can turn an old chair into something chic! This chair is now a far cry from its original form, and looks like something straight out of a boutique. Little would anyone know it was really a garage sale find. So keep your eyes peeled and the next time you see a piece that needs a little TLC, you know exactly how to do it.

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Childrens Easter Craft Idea – Toilet Paper Easter Bunny Treat Holders

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Childrens Easter Craft

Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner.  Here is an adorable childrens Easter craft to do with your kids that is perfect for passing out at school, to friends or neighbors.

It’s inexpensive so this is a project that is easy on your wallet and super fun to put together! Most craft items will probably already be in your stash. If not, they are all available at Dollar Tree.   Start asking friends, family, and neighbors to save their TP rolls if you don’t already have a bunch hoarded away.  You can also cut a paper towel roll in half if you’d prefer not to use TP rolls.

If you want to avoid the candy craze they can be filled with a multitude of Dollar Store items- erasers, mini bubbles, crackers, hot wheels cars, balloons, or beads.

Children’s Easter Craft Idea:

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Easter Basket Craft for Kids – Homemade Easter Basket

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Easter Basket Craft for Kids

These sweet Easter basket craft for kids can be used for decorating the table as a centerpiece,  collecting Easter eggs, or for dramatic play. They are inexpensive and a wonderful way to upcycle items from around the house.

This is a very kid friendly craft and is a fantastic and creative way to work on some fine motor skills- threading ribbon, and tying knots. For toddlers these baskets would be a great toy to carry, dump, and fill with plastic Easter eggs. We are planning on making one for grandma and filling it with a couple of her favorite bath products and a chocolate or two plastic.

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Easy Easter Bunny Napkin Holder

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Easter Bunny Napkin Holder

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If you need a simple and sweet Easter Bunny Napkin Holder for the kids,  I have one for you that is also inexpensive.  I love using things from around the house to create pretty seasonal decorations.  This one is so fun and cute that I can’t wait to put them out on the table for Easter dinner!   This Easter Bunny Napkin Holder craft is made simply from leftover toilet paper rolls and a few craft supplies from your stash.

If you are missing any of these supplies a quick trip to your local Dollar Store will supply you with everything you need, as well as plenty of leftovers for other fun projects.  You could make all bunnies or with a few changes add in some chicks or lambs.

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder Supplies

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder:

Supplies Needed

Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel roll)
craft foam, scrapbook paper, or construction paper
googly eyes
assorted pompoms
pink marker


  1. Cut your toilet paper roll in half.
  2. Cut strips of paper to cover ( I am sure t.p. rolls are standard size- mine came to 2” wide and  6” long)
  3. Apply  generous amount of glue to backside of paper, wrap around cardboard ring, use a clothespin or paper clip to clamp the paper into place until the glue sets.
  4. Glue on googly eyes, a small pink pompom for the nose, and 2 small white pompoms for chubby cheeks.
  5. Cut ears from paper and color pink insides, add glue to bottom of ears and slip between cardboard roll and paper that is wrapped around it.
  6. Slide napkins through rings.

This Easter Bunny Napkin Holder would be cute with paper or cloth napkins!

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder Collage

What do you think of this Easter Bunny Napkin Holder?

You may also like my post on How to Make Easter Bunny Cake!

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Michaels Classes Open House on Sat. 3/8

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micheals open house

Michael’s Classes Open House on Sat. 3/8

Do you love arts and crafts and learning new things?  Then you won’t want to miss the Michaels Classes Open House this Saturday, March 8. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There is also a coupon to save $20 Off Class Supplies when you register/pay for a class of $20 or more.  The coupon offer is valid in-store ONLY!

micheals open house 2

I have personally taken all 4 of the Cake Decorating classes and I learned so much and had a great time!

Melissa Felton's photo.  This is a cake I made this weekend!

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15 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

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Find 15 easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to help the kids celebrate the day of luck and magic! A couple of the crafts will even be perfect for adults or to make as special keepsakes.

    1. Easy Rainbow Craft for Kids to Make for St. Patrick Day by 7 on a Shoestring
    2. Leprechaun Hats Craft by Mom on Timeout
    3. Fingerpaint Rainbow Kids Activity by Roubinek Reality
    4. DIY Paper Shamrock by Family Food and Travel
    5. Easy Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks by Formula Mom
    6. Shamrock Puppy St. Patrick’s Day Craft Activity by Jinxy Kids
    7. Set Your Rainbow Leprechaun Trap by Club Chica Circle
    8. How to Make Rainbow Rice by Mom on Dealz
    9. Hand Print Leprechaun by Mom on Dealz
    10. Apothecary Jars for St. Patrick’s Day by Uncommon Designs
    11. Fingerprint Shamrock Canvas by Meaningful Mama
    12. Shamrock Tree on Canvas by Crafts by Amanda
    13. Hand Tinted Shamrock Mason Jars by Club Chica Circle
    14. Leprechaun House by Ribbons and Glue
    15. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Bracelet by Crafts by Amanda

What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day Crafts?