8 Fun Uses for Spider Rings

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Uses for Spider Rings

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An inexpensive bag of spider rings can be used in many more ways than just their intended function. Try one or more of these 8 uses for spider rings to add a little fun to the Halloween season.

8 Fun Uses for Spider Rings:


1. Ice cube trays- Pop one in each cube, fill with water and freeze- the perfect touch for your Halloween party drinks.

Uses for spider rings 2

2. Necklace- String them on a cord or ribbon, just a few or all the way around they make a fun piece of jewelry besides a ring. Some rings go on all the way and will stay on just fine, if you have the ones that are split you may want to add a dab of hot glue to close the gap.

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6 Tips for Saving Money on Gas Now

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Saving Money on Gas
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Fuel costs can be one of the biggest budget busters for American families. While the cost of gas seems to keep soaring and paychecks keep dwindling, more people are looking into saving money on gas. Check out these easy tips that will help you keep a few extra pennies in your pocket when you fill up your gas tank.

6 Tips for Saving Money on Gas:

Fill Up Regularly

A low fuel light certainly isn’t an emergency, but it certainly not a good idea to ignore it. Plan to fill up your gas tank regularly, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of running out of gas. A full tank will be much more efficient than a tank that is running on empty. When a tank drops too low, your vehicles fuel lines will begin to suck up whatever crud might be floating at the bottom of the tank. This can ruin your gas mileage, ruin your fuel filter, and bring you a major headache.

Fill Your Tank Early in the Morning

Fill up your tank early in the morning before the heat of the day has had a chance to warm up the underground tanks at the gas station. When it gets hot later on in the day, you will end up getting more gasoline vapor when you fill up and that means you will be paying for less actual gasoline.

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10 Other Uses for Coconut Oil

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other uses for coconut oil
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Personally, I LOVE to cook with coconut oil.  It’s tastes so much better than butter or makes a great substitute for Crisco when greasing pans.  Since I tend to purchase coconut oil in large quantities when I find a great price, it became essential to find other uses for coconut oil.  I mean, there is only so much cooking one person can do!  If you want to learn new tricks to put an healthy product to work, keep reading….

Other Uses for Coconut Oil:

1 – Oil For Wood Bowls and Boards: If you don’t maintain woodware properly, the consequences can be rather irritating. Some pretty serious stains can settle in, and smells can linger.  Coconut oil can serve as a great way to get these tough stains and smells out of your favorite wood bowl and off your cutting board. Just use it as you would any other wood treating oil; a fine, thorough rub into the wood and your woodware is fresh again.

2- Lubricant: Forget the WD-40,  coconut oil serves an extremely effective lubricant.

3 -Neosporin: Accidents happen a lot around my house with 2 kids and an accident prone hubby.  Thankfully, coconut oil can keep those minor scrapes from developing into worse things, like infections.  Just dab a little of it over any cut, scrape, or scratch and put a Band-Aid on top of that injury. An added bonus is that it smells a lot better than anything you could pick up at the drugstore on the corner.

4 - Shaving Cream:  Coconut oil can serve as a pretty fine substitute for shaving cream when you’re getting ready to go to work in the morning.  Also, if you rubbed the electric razor a little too hard on your skin, coconut oil can also serve as an after shave lotion.

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10 Ways to Find the Best Thrift Shop Bargains

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10 Ways to Find the Best Thrift Shop Bargains
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Everyone loves a good bargain, so there’s nothing more satisfying then picking up a killer vintage piece from your local thrift shop. However, if you are new to buying second hand then finding hidden thrift shop gems can be a total nightmare! So without further ado, here are our top 10 tips to help you be crowned the next second hand shopping queen.

10 Ways to Find the Best Thrift Shop Bargains:

1. Choose your area

Thrift shops reflect their surrounding area, so choose your location wisely! Head to upmarket boutique areas for second hand designer clothes, and hipster hangouts for trendier vintage pieces.

2. Time it right

One hot tip is to go shopping in thrift shops at lunchtime on a Monday; most people will donate over the weekend, so by the time Monday comes around you can cherry pick the best bargains before anyone else gets their hands on them.

3. Go out of season

Looking for a summer dress in January or some rain boots in June? Thrift shops are the place to go! Out of season stuff might not be on display, but you can guarantee they will have some in storage as people clear out their wardrobe for the next season.

4. Shop unisex

Thrift shop rails might be organized by gender, but you can guarantee that people won’t always put things back in the right place. Check the men and women’s section to scout out hidden treasures.

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How to Prepare for Hurricanes & Save Money

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How to Prepare for Hurricanes
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My area is prone to hurricanes, so I wanted to share ways to save money while preparing for a hurricane.

How to Prepare for Hurricanes & Save Money:

1.  Develop a family plan: Get together as a family and talk about your emergency plan and what to do in case of a hurricane or natural disaster.  Where will you meet, what is the safest location in your house, what if you need to evacuate, what should the children expect, etc. See a checklist here.

2.  Prepare early: The best way to save money is to be proactive and look for necessary items year round. Pick up flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, candles, paper plates and cups when they are on sale.  Even if you haven’t prepared beforehand, don’t wait until the day of the storm to get supplies.  Not only will you probably pay more and find many items out of stock;  you don’t want to be stuck in the last minute craziness in the stores.  Word of a hurricane hits my area and the shelves are literally cleared within hours.

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How to Plan a Weekly Menu {Money and Time Saving Tips}

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Menu Planning Chart

It’s 5 o’clock. What’s for dinner?

Do you find yourself struggling for dinner ideas at the last minute or heading through the drive-through after work?  If you do, consider creating a menu plan to help take the stress out of mealtime.

Menu planning is preparing a written calendar of meals in advance. It can be as simple as writing down a dinner schedule for the week or as complex as including breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire month.  Whichever route you take, menu planning helps take the guesswork out of meals, which can be a huge time and money-saver.

Why should you plan a menu?

  • Eliminates the 5 pm, “what’s for dinner” question
  • Potential for more variety
  • Save money
  • Waste less

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10 Other Uses for Lotion

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Other Uses for Lotion
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I’ll admit that I don’t usually think of lotion as having other uses than preventing and treating dry skin.   However, there are many other uses for lotion from reducing static cling to polishing your shoes!

If you have a bunch of extra lotion bottles cluttering up your cabinets, try these alternative lotion uses so you don’t end up throwing those bottles away!  This is especially great if you purchased a product and didn’t like it on your skin – now it has a new purpose!

10 Other Uses for Lotion:

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Make Your Own Frugal Green Cleaners from Your Kitchen

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Frugal Green Cleaners
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For some reason people tend to associate going green with going expensive. If anything, frugal green cleaners can help you live a less expensive lifestyle. Yet you don’t have to forgo quality because nature truly does provide everything you need to live a healthy and clean lifestyle. Nowhere is this more apparent than in your kitchen. Most of your cleaners are already there and you just don’t know it.

Frugal Green Cleaners from Your Kitchen:

Microwave Cleaner

Is your microwave filthy and in need of a good cleaning? Put the chemicals away because you don’t need them. Cleaning your microwave just turned into your easiest cleaning job for the day. Fill a coffee cup with water. Place it in the microwave. Press start and heat it up. Wipe clean. Yes, it really is that easy. As frugal green cleaners go, it doesn’t get any better than this. Be careful not to overheat the liquid or it can explode. To avoid this, you should microwave it in one minute intervals.

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Do You Need Frugal Hobby Ideas?

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Frugal Hobby Ideas
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When you need frugal hobby ideas, it generally only requires a bit of observation of the world around you. People are getting more creative every day. They share their creativity on social networking sites, blogs, and in their daily lives. If you pay attention to what is going on in these places, ideas will literally spring up before your eyes. Here are some tips & suggestion for when you need frugal hobby ideas and are not sure where to start:

Craft Hobbies & More:

  1. PinterestPinterest is one of the most popular sites to visit when you need frugal hobby ideas. The images there often lead you to places where you can learn crafting skills and countless other cool ideas. You can even put your own twist on the crafts that you see there.
  2. Use Search Terms – You can always use your browser to find frugal hobby ideas. Just type in a search term for an interest you already have. Add words to your term as you narrow your interests based on the returns you get. The power of the almighty Google is a very effective tool.
  3. Recycle – If you want to save some cash, start looking at items you don’t use. You can come up with some interesting hobbies when you recycle what you already own. These hobbies usually cost you very little and often end up being centerpieces of your collection.
  4. Reading – Check out books from your local library or borrow books from sites such as Kindle Owners Lending Library or  Open Library to get books for FREE.
  5. Puzzles – put together puzzles or complete puzzles such as word search and cross word puzzles from local newspapers.  You can also purchase these items for relatively cheap.  Jigsaw puzzles can be found for less than $1 at garage sales.
  6. Cooking – Cook for pleasure instead of just necessity.  If you like to bake, plan one day a week as a baking day.  You can also put your skills to good use and give meals to friends, neighbors or school fundraisers.
  7. Photography – You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos!  Start with the camera you already have and play around with light, angles and backdrops.
  8. Couponing – A hobby to help you save money!  See the Couponing Basics guide to get started.

Hobbies Outside of the House:

If you need frugal hobby ideas for outside the house, it usually means you are up for some adventure. Cash doesn’t have to be a problem here because many of the best outdoor hobbies are completely free. Below are some suggestions for outdoor hobbies:

  1. Gardening –  Seeds are inexpensive enough and you can make your own compost so you don’t even have to pay for fertilizer. You can grow your own food and save money on the groceries. You might even sell some of what you grow so you go beyond frugal and make it lucrative. You might even grow flowers instead of food and use them for other hobbies.
  2. Explore – Look into taking nature walks or geocaching in your area. This gives you a chance to get outside and get some exercise. You will probably also get to explore areas you never thought about before.
  3. Foraging – Foraging is a great outdoor hobby because it costs you nothing. You can even reduce your bills by foraging for food. This is also a great way to learn about plants and teach children about the benefits and bounties nature has to offer.
  4. Fishing – enjoy the great outdoors and catch dinner at the same time!  You don’t need to spend a fortune on fishing gear either.  If you don’t already have a rod, take a look at your local thrift shop to find many like new reels.

You hobbies are only limited by your own imagination. When you need frugal hobby ideas, consider what you already have and how you can use it. Hobbies are often a great way to make use of things that are just sitting around the house or branch out your existing interests.

What are some of your Frugal Hobby Ideas?

Make sure to take a peak at our crafts section for specific ideas!

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15 Other Uses for Cat Litter

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other uses for cat litter

Ever wonder if there are other uses for cat litter than just a place for your furry friend to potty?  The bentonite clay in cat litter makes it a fantastic absorbent.  I’ve put together a list of some of the more practical other uses for cat litter.

15 Other Uses for Cat Litter:

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