My Harris Teeter Triple Coupons Shopping Trip {Emily}


IMG_20130911_122759_526Overall, I’m pretty happy with my two trips to Harris Teeter with Triple Coupons.

I spent $26.31 for $145.17 worth of groceries for a savings of 82%, which came out to just $.57 per item.

I was able to use a Skippy Peanut Butter raincheck and a Catalina from the Food Lion Store Brand Sale. I bought the wrong size Heinz Ketchup, making my totals a littler higher than expected, but I will not be going back to fix it – we practically drink ketchup around here and its not worth it for a few dollars I’d get back. Lastly, I still have coupons for the Kraft Fresh Take if I can find some in stock before the week is out, and I already got a raincheck for the Van’s Waffles which we’re out of stock by 11am the first day. Whew :)

(Oh, and I just discovered that if you check the bakery section you’ll often find bread items marked with yellow stickers and a dollar off amount. I scored two bags of take n bake rolls for just $.86 each after discount! Put ‘em in the freezer and save them for pasta night, MMmm!)

Seeing all your pictures of shopping trips makes me really happy – let us know if you find any other great deals!

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My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 9/4

I just wanted to do a quick post today from my Harris Teeter shopping trip Wednesday.

There were some pretty good deals to grab, even without coupons (like $1.99/lb. ground beef, $.79 eggs and $.99 organic baby carrots!) and since I had a $10 off $50 coupon that they mailed me, I went ahead and did a “big shop” for stock up priced items and a few things we needed:


I got:

3lbs Grapes
2lbs Broccoli
8 Bananas
2 bags of Organic Baby Carrots
1 Garlic
5 Pears
5 Sweet Potatoes
Bag of Lemons
5lbs Ground Beef
6 Dozen HT Eggs
24oz. HT Sour Cream
2 Stonyfield Organic Fat Free Plain Yogurt
2 HT Wide Pan Whole Wheat Bread
1 Lg. HT Quick Oats
12 1L Vintage Seltzer
2 Mario Olives
2 Smucker’s Magic Shell 

Total: $44.51 (a savings of 56%!)

Couponers aren’t just buying processed/packaged foods – despite what some my think. You CAN eat fresh fruit and veggies, meat and dairy AND save money. You just have to be a strategic shopper. My trips are normally $10-$20, so spending $44 at once was a little shocking for me. But, between my husband, kids and I, we eat 6 eggs for breakfast – so a dozen eggs doesn’t last long in our house. I stock up when they are under $1. I have been craving hamburgers recently (I usually do while pregnant – the iron, maybe?) so the stock up priced beef was awesome. Since Wednesday, we’ve eaten all the broccoli, half the bananas and are having sweet potatoes tonight. I pretty much stick to buying in-season or on sale produce. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Vintage Seltzer and always try to stock up when its on sale. I am slightly addicted to ice cream and have a new obsession with Magic Shell topping . . . . and since they were FREE after coupon, I couldn’t say no :)

While I do use coupons buy items that come in boxes, like cake mixes (in my opinion, they taste the best!) taco shells, crackers, granola bars and fruit snacks – I am happiest when I can save money buying “perimeter” grocery items – meat, dairy, bakery and produce.

How about you? What are your tips and tricks to eating healthy and using coupons? 

If you’re headed to Harris Teeter to grab any of the great deals listed above, be sure to check our your weekly EVIC specials, too!

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My Harris Teeter Super Double Shopping Trip(s)!!


Here is a recap of my Harris Teeter Super Doubles shopping trip(s) I’ve made this week :) I think we’re done, whew.

The kids and I made it an adventure each morning since it is (weirdly) one of their favorite places to go. I was happy with how much I saved, and the kids were happy to get their “tookie” after each visit.

What we got:
(15) Classico Pasta Sauce

(12) 3 Musketeers
(10) Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
(6) Old El Paso Taco Shells
(6) Trident Gum
(4) Betty Crocker Cake Mix
(4) Skippy Peanut Butter*
(4) Bailey’s Coffee Creamer
(4) Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce
(4) Sensible Portions Veggie Straws
(4) Eight O’Clock Coffee*
(2) Mentos Gum
(2) Mueller Veggie Pasta
(2) Ken’s Buffalo Marinade
(2) Mrs. Butterworth
(2) Johnson’s Baby Powder
(2) Post Fruity Pebbles
(2) Gillette Shave Gel
(2) Gushers Fruit Snacks
(2) Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars
(2) Imagine Organic Soup
(2) Wisk Laundry Detergent*
(2) Mott’s For Tots
(2) Ocean Spray Citrus
(1) 5 Hour Energy
(1) Febreze
(1) Nestea 12pk
(1) Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
(1) Dawn Dish Detergent
(1) Cascade

TOTAL SPENT: $45.18 ($.43 each)
TOTAL VALUE: $306.02 (a savings of 85%)

In addition, I have a $5 Saving Star Deposit on the way and another $2.00 Catalina to use, too. So maybe there WILL be one more trip to the store ;)

I definitely made some mistakes this week. Like, buying white sauce instead of red sauce (it didn’t print a Catalina). And, not double checking that I actually gave the cashier all my coupons. I forgot to use my 3 Musketeers coupons the first time . . .which is why I ended up with so many, haha. Some of my ZVRs didn’t come off, and I let it go – the customer service desk was SO busy and I figured it wasn’t worth the $.50 to ask for a receipt adjustment. Also, I can’t find two bottles of shave gel and a deodorant that I KNOW I bought :( Lastly, a few of my coupons didn’t double like I thought they would, so my savings were a little less than I expected . . . but overall I was REALLY happy with what I got.

How about you? Have a good Super Doubles week? Make any mistakes? 


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My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip

I ran up to Harris Teeter yesterday to see if they had any awesome $.79 Skippy peanut butter left and pick up a few more things I wanted. While the peanut butter shelves were empty, I did find some Skippy Natural – Crunchy (my son’s favorite) on an end cap elsewhere and grabbed six of them. I was also super excited to find a cart full of marked down canned tomatoes, a staple in this house. The cashier allowed me to use all six of my PB coupons in one transaction, and I had a $10 off $50 coupon that I was sent in the mail (right after the Kroger announcement. Convenient, yes?)

So, after my six coupons and $10 off, I spent $46. 18 (a savings of over 60%) – not too bad for meat, cheese, produce and a few shelf items! It just goes to show that couponing is not all about convenience foods – you really can save money buying fresh foods too :)

My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip:

(1) Bag of Bananas (produce re-wrap)
(5) Smithfield Bacon
(6) Skippy Peanut Butter
(5) HT Shredded Cheese
(1) HT Butter
(5) HT Chicken Breast (2lb package)
(6) Canned Tomatos
(1) Loaf of Bread

TOTAL: $46. 18

I also made sure to grab a raincheck for the Skippy Natural – Creamy peanut butter (my favorite) that they were out of – while I hope I can find four more jars this week (to use up my last few coupons) I’ll happily hang on to the raincheck for another date when Skippy is NOT on sale and we need peanut butter :)

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My Shopping Trip: Farm Fresh Triple Coupons 7/23

I ran out to Farm Fresh this morning to see if I could get any of the surprise Triple Coupon deals. My kids have been sick, so I was really bummed I couldn’t get to the store til today. I figured all the good stuff would be gone, but I was really happy when I found everything I wanted!


This is what I got:

(4) Perdue 1lb Ground Turkey $3.49
(1) Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners $3.99
(2) SprayAway Glass Cleaner $2.99
(2) Smucker’s Naturals Concord Grape $2.59
(4) Dole Pineapple 8oz. $.99

I used:

(4) $0.75/1 Perdue Product printable or $0.75/1 Perdue Product printable
(1) $0.75/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker printable
(2) $.75/1 SprayAway Glass Cleaner (It was in my “already clipped Red Plum insert” pile…)
(2) $.75/1 Smucker’s Naturals  (RP 07/14/13)
(2) $.75/2 Dole Pineapple (SS 06/23/13 R)

I was able to use the $5 off $25 coupon (I asked my cashier very nicely, and she said “I will if the code works . . .” and it did!) and so my total came to about $8.50, a savings of 69%! I also got $.05 off per cloth bag I brought. Every little bit helps :)

How have your trips been?

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Select Maxwell House On Clearance at Farm Fresh!!

maxwell house clearance

Select Maxwell House On Clearance at Farm Fresh!!

I found this deal yesterday at my Farm Fresh in Hampton.  This is the 100% Colombian Maxwell House 10.5 oz that is being discontinued and is on clearance for only $3.21.  I had the $1.00/1 Maxwell House printable and got this for a mere $1.21!!!  Always keep an eye out for clearance stickers while walking through your stores!

This is why I prefer the Binder Method of organizing my coupons.  I have all of my coupons with me while shopping and when I come across clearance or unadvertised deals I can snag them up.  Had I just had the coupons that I had planned to use yesterday, I would have missed this deal!!!

Maxwell House 100% Colombian 10.5 oz $3.21
Use (1) $1.00/1 Maxwell House (I’m not sure if this is still available since I have already printed mine)
Final= $1.21


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Melissa’s Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip!!

HT 6-26

Melissa’s Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip!!

I have to say that my shopping trips to Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh today have renewed my enthusiasm and excitement in couponing again!

I admit that I have been in a coupon slump since our move earlier this year and also dealing with my health problems the past few months.  It happens to all of us at some point.  Couponing does take time and effort for maximum savings!  So I’m happy to say I’m back on the coupon wagon!! :o

So, here’s a quick run down of my trip to Harris Teeter today!

(2) Trop 50 = $4.94
(2) Activia 4-packs = Free
(4) Kraft Shredded Cheese = $5.78
(5) Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs = $2.90
(2) Bare Naked Granola = $.98
(4) Hefty Ziplock Bags = $1.96
(2) Chinet Plates = Free
(2) Planters Peanuts = $3.18
(2) Chex Mix = $0.45
(12) Meow Mix = $3.20  ***got back $1.00 catalina

Total OOP = $23.74

Total Saved =$84.29

How did all of you do shopping Harris Teeter Super Doubles today?  We’d love to see your savings!!

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My Farm Fresh Mega Doubles Shopping Trip


I was so excited to go to Farm Fresh this week! Check out my shopping trip:

(1) Golden Grahams – $.30
(1) A-1 Sauce – $.50
(1) Ocean Spray Cran-Lemonade – FREE!
(2) Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread – $.69
(2) Kraft Dressings – $.50
(1) Nestle Drumsticks - FREE!
(2) 1.5lb packs of country style pork ribs - FREE!
(1) 12 pack Dr. Pepper - FREE!

(1) $.85/1 Golden Grahams
(1) $1/1 A-1 Sauce
(1) $1/1 Ocean Spray Cran-Lemonade
(2) $1/1 Philidelphia Cream Cheese Spread (can’t remember where/when I printed this one :()
(1) $1/2 Kraft Dressings
(1) $2/1 Nestle Drumsticks
(2) $1/1 Fresh Pork
(1) $2/1 12 pack Dr. Pepper

I paid $3.48 for all of it! Amazing :)

The only sad part was that I could only get one box of FREE Nestle Drumsticks. Why? I accidently printed my second coupon ON TOP OF another one. I HATE it when I do that! Does it ever happen to you? Please say yes!

How have your Farm Fresh Mega Doubles shopping trips been?


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My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip – 6/11

936453_10151471376596334_643751567_nThis promo ended 6/11!

I’m sorry I’m so late posting this (the deal is over now) but check out this diaper deal I scored at Harris Teeter of all places:

Pampers Baby Dry Size 3 112ct: $25.99
Pampers Wipe Refill X3: $5.99 (FREE w/ Facebook Promo)
-$2.50 Pampers Baby Dry Coupon (found in box)
-$.50 Pampers Wipes (printable)
= $22.49 
-$10 P&G Gift Card Promo (promotion ends 6/30) 

I’ll end up paying just $.11 per diaper AND getting free wipes! That is, of course, if the P&G Gift Card works out. I’m not sure how they are calculating the totals (before or after sales/coupons) but it can’t hurt to submit it and see :)

And for all you Mamas who are stockpiling diapers, here is a thrifty tip:

I recently ran out of size 3 diapers for my daughter, but had a bunch of size 5. I thought my son would fit them soon, but since he is till in size 4 they were just sitting there. I ended up taking them to Walmart and exchanging them for size 3, even though they were bought months ago at different stores and I had no receipt! I got store credit and was able to bring home five jumbo packs of the size I needed, and gave them five jumbo packs for their shelves. Hopefully we’ll be potty training soon and he won’t need the size 5 anyways. Wish us luck!



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Check your email for a $3 ECB from CVS!

$3 ecb at cvs

Check your email for an email from CVS with a $3 ECB! I used mine this morning:

(3) Jumbo Packs of Huggies – $9.99 each
(1) CVS Body Wash – $2.37
(2) $3 off Huggies (must share to get $3 value)
(1) $2.50 off Huggies (printed at Harris Teeter this week)
(1) $3.00 ECB (birthday email from CVS)
(1) $3.00 ECB (in today’s CVS email)
(1) $10.00 ECB (from previous diaper deal)
(1) FREE CVS Body Wash coupon (NLA)
Pay: $6.70 after tax!
Get: $10 ECB :)

I’m just disappointed that my $5 off $25 Baby Care coupon printed on THAT receipt – I guess because the Magic Coupon Machine was out of order? Hopefully I can figure out a way to use it before it expires on 6/17!

How have you been doing at CVS? Find any really good deals lately?

Don’t forget about the $1 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

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