Couponing Basics: How to Get Extra Coupon Inserts

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Now that you know Where to Get Coupons, want to kick your couponing up a notch? Have multiple coupons by having extra coupon inserts. This will allow you to purchase more of an item when it’s at a rock-bottom price.

How to Get Extra Coupon Inserts:

1. Extra newspaper subscription:  Most of you probably have 1 subscription to your local newspaper.  Ask about a special rate to get multiple papers delivered.  Call you local paper and see what they can offer for Sunday only.

2. Retail Stores:  Most stores such as grocery and drug stores sell the Sunday paper.  I personally prefer The Dollar Tree because the price per paper is only $1 versus the standard $2 at other stores.  Check the Sunday Coupon Preview each week to see if it’s beneficial for you to purchase an extra paper.

3. Ask friends and family:  If you have family, friends or neighbors that don’t clip coupons, ask them to save their inserts for you.  You will get coupon inserts for FREE.

4. Clipping services:  You can purchase whole inserts or individual coupons from coupon clipping services.  This is especially nice for regional coupons.  However, you may want to read the CIC’s stand on clipping services to determine if this is right for you.

5. Recycle Bin/ Dumpster Diving:  You can take this to whatever level you wish.  However, the easiest way is in areas that have recycle bins instead of cans. You can easily see the coupon inserts before they are carried away to the recycle center.

6.  Local churches, gyms & community centers: Find out if your gym, church or community center can save the coupon inserts from the Sunday paper for you.  Many of these places get a paper or two delivered for patrons to read.

How many coupon inserts should I get?
Not sure how many inserts is enough? Think about having 1 insert per family member.  However, this “rule” will depend on your personal needs and quality of coupons in the inserts each week.

I have 2 papers delivered per week and receive 2-3 inserts from family.  That provides me with 4-5 coupon inserts per week for my family of four.

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