Couponing Basics: Set Up a Facebook Account

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I hope everyone completed the assignment from last week and set up a coupon email address.  This week I have another assignment for Facebook hold-outs.  If you do not have a Facebook account – set one up now!

Why do you need a Facebook account?  For the coupons, of course!

Companies want you to “Like” their page and they are willing to “buy” your Like with a coupon.  It’s that simple.

I post coupons each week in my matchups that come directly from Facebook.  I’ve used Facebook to not only get printable coupons but to get FREE product coupons as well (a coupon for a FREE full-size bottle of Pantene is a recent example.) I’ve also used Facebook to sign up for FREE samples, print a mail-in-rebate and play games to win coupons.

Companies are using Facebook to promote their business and to get you to purchase their product.  You NEED to take advantage of this.

Are you a Facebook hold-out?

If you don’t have a Facebook account because you don’t want to share your information or don’t want people you knew 20 years ago contacting you, that’s okay.  It is not necessary for a Facebook account.  You don’t need to have friends on Facebook, you don’t need to include pictures on Facebook & update your status and you don’t need to include any personal information.  All you need is a valid email address.

How to Create a Facebook Account for Coupon Use:

  1. Sign up for a Free Facebook Account
  2. Enter you name or a name for your account
  3. Enter your Coupon Email Address
  4. Enter a password you will remember for accessing your account
  5. Select your sex
  6. Enter your birthday (for age appropriate content)
  7. Click “Sign up”
  8. Verify your email

If you WANT to have personal information, make sure to change your privacy settings to ensure your information is available to friends, friends of friends, the public, etc as you see fit.

Once you’re Facebook account is set up, you can go “Like” pages to get your coupons (when available).  Please remember that coupons and free offers on Facebook are limited, so you will want to print or request the offers as soon as they are announced.

Next Up: how to use Recyclebank to get coupons!

Do you use Facebook for coupons?

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