Couponing Basics: Where to Find Printable Coupons

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Last week I talked about how to get extra coupon inserts.  We will start diving more into printable coupons over the next several weeks.  This weeks post will give you an overview of the sites to obtain printable coupons.

The internet is one of the best tools for obtaining coupons.  There are countless online websites devoted to providing you with the coupons you need to save your family money.

The norm is for a site allowing 2 prints per computer. Also, please remember that these coupons can change and may have a low print limit.  If you have multiple computers, you can print multiple coupons!

1.  Printable coupon websites:

2.  Company websites may also have a printable coupon for products.  It is common to find a Bagel Bites coupon or a Green Giant Frozen vegetables coupon on their websites.  If you search The Coupon Database and can’t find a coupon – consider checking the company website to find an offer.

3.  Facebook has become one of my go-to sources for printable coupons.  Companies want you to “Like” their page.  In exchange, you can usually find a coupon just for helping to increase their numbers.  These coupons typically have a print limit, so I would suggest “liking” and printing the coupon as soon as the offer is announced.

What are your favorite printable coupon sites?

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