CVS Challenge for newbies

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I’ve been meaning to get this up for days but you still have until Saturday to participate if it helps. The new CVS at the intersection of Volvo and Kempsville is finally open! I haven’t shopped CVS since the summer because I didn’t feel like making the drive out to the beach. FYI: I’m working on a getting started piece and should have it up by the weekend. Getting Started Part 3-CVS

I thought it would be fun to do a piece on CVS for newbies. This idea came from a comment I received.  I’ll make trips to CVS for 4 weeks and post pictures of ideas for newbies to “get their feet wet”. Please note that I plan to make this SIMPLE. Those of you who have been shopping CVS should just skip right on over this.

My plan:
Show 4 weeks of simple CVS transactions
I will only purchase free or very cheap items after ECB’s and won’t do many transactions
The items will be, in my opinion, useable to most people
I will “roll” the ECB’s week to week
I will post pictures of what I purchased and a breakdown of what I did.

Trip 1-Week of 02/28

First if you don’t have a CVS card, sign up!

I recommend purchasing the Green Bag Tag (for reusable shopping bags) for $0.99-after every 4th visit get $1 ECB. Basically if you shop once a week the tag will pay for itself after 1 month. MUST SCAN EXTRA CARE CARD AND GREEN BAG TAG!

-Give cashier card(s) and shopping bag
-Purchase 1 Softsoap at $4.49
-Give $0.75/1 printable coupon HERE
-Pay $3.96 OOP (that’s with tax)
-Get $4 ECB’s (on the bottom of your receipt)
-Make $0.04 after coupons and ECB’s

I was also going to recommend the power bar energy gel blasts, but they just looked nasty to me so I omitted that (remember what I thought people would use).

Stay tuned for next week when I “roll” this weeks $4 ECB’s

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to comment but remember I’m trying to make this super easy because I know when I started out at CVS I felt overwhelmed.

I forgot to mention this again!  I’d posted HERE about the Extra Care Double Bucks Promotion.  This link is no longer available on but go HERE to the CVS website and register your card to earn doubles bucks through March 15th. 


  1. Ginger says


    Awesome idea! I enjoyed my last two trips to the new CVS. But I am definitely a newbie there. I am looking forward to seeing your scenarios. My personal limit is two, have only done one at CVS. I have 5 ECBs to roll next week.

  2. Ginger says

    btw, I told two ladies about your site (and my two other faves) tonight. I was filing Qs at my son's karate practice and they were interested.

  3. Dana says

    Thanks to you both!

    Just don't expect anything fancy with this challenge. I'll probably stick with 2 items or so each week. I want to make it easy. I hope CVS cooperates with its sales :)

    If I want anything more I'll do a separate transaction and not touch these ECB's.

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