CVS for Newbies-Week 2

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This is a harder challenge than I expected! I was working out deals for over an hour this morning! I see so many different options for you to do and it’s mostly based on your preference. I finally decided on this way because even though it’s a little more OOP than the other ideas I came up with; I feel you’ll be able to avoid as many transactions in the future by having more than 1 ECB that you keep rolling over and over again. Transactions take time and I know my kids don’t want to keep waiting in line or going back to CVS over and over again.

See Week 1 HERE

Note: I did Deal Idea 1 for the purpose of this challenge (less OOP)

-Scan Extra Care Card at coupon center when entering store

– Remember to give Extra Care Card and Green Bag Tag to cashier
Deal Idea 1:

Transaction 1
Buy 1 Oral B Toothbrush
Buy 2 Nivea Lip Care (TODAY ONLY) -tomorrow buy 1
Use $0.75/1 Oral B from 02/21 PG insert
Use BOGO Nivea from 02/07 RP insert, expires today!
Total with Tax $6.74
Use $4 ECB’s from week 1
Pay $2.74 OOP
Earn $4 ECB’s and $2.99 ECB’s

Transaction 2
Buy 1 Oral B Toothbrush
Use $0.75/1 coupon
Total $3.45 with tax
Use $2.99 ECB’s from Nivea in transaction 1
Pay $0.46 OOP
Earn $4 ECB’s

Leave with 2 Oral B and 2 Nivea (or 1 Nivea)
Pay $3.20 total OOP
Plus earn 2 $4 ECB’s ($8 worth of ECB’s)
“Make” $4.80

Note: you could add dawn in transaction 2 and use your $4 ECB’s from transaction 1 instead, pay $0.22 OOP-Leaving with 1 $4 ECB’s and 1 $2.99 ECB’s

Even without the BOGO Nivea it’s a good Deal!!

Gillette Fusion Razor is also a good deal this week:

Do as a 3rd transaction with deal idea 1 (BEST idea less OOP! I would have done this but didn’t want to make you do 3 transactions) or in transaction 2 as shown below.

Deal Idea 2

Transaction 1 as above

Transaction 2 with Gillette
Buy 1 Oral B Toothbrush
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Razor
Use $0.75/1 coupon
Use $4/1 Razor from 02/07 PG insert
Total $8.15 with tax
Use $4 ECB’s from Oral B in transaction 1
Pay $4.15 OOP
Earn 2 $4 ECB’s

Leave with 2 oral B, 2 Nivea, and 1 razor for $6.89 OOP
Plus earn 2 $4 ECB’s and $1 $2.99 ECB ($10.99 worth of ECB’s)
“Make” $4.10

Based on Deal Idea 1:
Next week see how little OOP we can spend: You have $8 ECB’s to use now!

Total Spent OOP to date: $7.16 and have 1 softsoap, 1 or 2 Nivea, and 2 Toothbrushes plus $8 ECB’s (“Made” $1.16)

Thoughts?  I know some of you had more ECB’s from last week and may need or use other items that what I listed here.

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