Dating on a Dime: Pizza & a Movie

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Creating quality time in a marriage or with a significant other is imperative to the strength of a relationship.  But how to you stay on budget with everything else going on in your lives?  Living on Love and Cents & Madame Deals have put together a great article for this weeks Dating on a Dime series:

Last weekend we had a date night for $6! It is was perfect! We could not find a babysitter and thought all hope was lost. But we came up with a great cheap date plan! I fed the kids dinner, but we did not eat. Once it was bed time we put the kids down just like every night. But this time we did not go to sleep! While I was getting kids ready for bed my sweet husband went to Little Ceasers Pizza for a $5 pizza. Then he stopped by Redbox and rented a “chick flick” that I have been wanting to see! Once the kids were asleep we made a little living room picnic. We had pizza and conversation. Quiet conversation does not happen much anymore so this was nice! We followed up our late diner with a movie. It was perfect!

This is a perfect example of how you can have romantic times with your sweetie without breaking the bank or even leaving your home! Take some time to relax and enjoy alone time together!

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