Dating on a Dime: Quick Date Night Idea

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Creating quality time in a marriage or with a significant other is imperative to the strength of a relationship.  But how to you stay on budget with everything else going on in your lives?  Living on Love and Cents & Madame Deals have put together a great article for this weeks Dating on a Dime series:

This week we tried something fun and different. We have been married 9 years and so sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. It was actually one of my favorite dates to date. And you can do this too!

We dropped the kids of at the grandparents for 1 hour. We didn’t have much time but it was actually just enough for what we had planned. First stop was Quiznos. We used these Quiznos coupons to get use 2 meals (2 drinks and 2 subs) for under $5! We got the subs to go and drove to our next stop. We drove to our neighborhood park. The timing was perfect since it was about sunset AND it was not crowded. In fact there was no one there! We set at a picnic table and enjoyed the perfect scenery and enjoyed each others conversation!

It allowed us time to talk and discuss everything that was on our minds. We could eat in peace and really focus on each other. We spent very little on dinner and used very little gas by staying in the neighborhood. If you have more time you could drive to the beach, lake, or other romantic spot and do the same thing.

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