Dating on a Dime

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Creating quality time in a marriage or with a significant other is imperative to the strength of a relationship.  But how to you stay on budget with everything else going on in your lives?  Living on Love and Cents has put together a great article for this weeks Dating on a Dime series:

How long has it been since you and your “other half” were on a date? If you are like me you are sitting there trying to remember. Has it been that long? Seems like everyone is cutting back their spending and trying to save more. But it is so important that we continue some things like spending quality time with our significant other. Not only do we deserve it, we NEED it!

While trying to cut back and still getting out and adding sparks to your relationship you have to think outside the box. Here is an idea for you:

Make it a “Date Day” instead of night. When you do this you can eat off of your favorite restaurant’s lunch menu instead of dinner menu. This will save you several dollars. Many restaurants have lunch menus on the weekend. I suggest you call around first to confirm which offer a weekend lunch menu.

To help with that lunch even more check out my post on how to save money on going out to eat.

While on your “Date Day” you can see a matinee. Save even more if you see the movies before noon! You can save a lot by going to an early movie. And as an added bonus most theaters are not as crowed during the day.

We have done this several times. I will also mention that it is easier to find someone to watch the kids on a Saturday morning then it is Saturday night. So you can drop them off at grandmas’s or a friend’s house for a few hours. Then go enjoy each other on your “date day” and spend alot less than you would on a “date night.”

There are a lot of great local deal sites where you can find something new and exciting to do without breaking the bank.

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  1. says

    My friend told me her parents used to tell the kids “we still have to like each
    Other after you guys leave so mom and dad need alone time” I think that is a great reason to go on a date night on a regular basis! Thanks for posting this! :-)

    • Dana says

      That’s a perfect way to put it! Love it! We get so wrapped up in kids, work, etc. that we sometimes neglect our relationship.

      This will be a whole series, so I hope you like the ideas!


  1. […] How do we do it all and have it all? It is so hard to please everyone. The answer is to make an effort each week to fall back in “love”. This is done with small gestures and big feats, and with the same drive and determination that you attack your other passions each week. Heather and I will remind you how our personal relationships with the people we love is important and needs attention. We need to be reminded it doesn’t have to cost a lot to show you care. If you missed my post last week, here it is: […]

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