December Grocery Tally & 2010 Finals

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My December savings is atrocious!  My shopping basically involved running in the store for holiday party items & whatever else struck my fancy that month :-) 

December 2010

Shelf Cost: $355.21
Savings: $199.33
Total Paid: $156.18

Average per week $39.05
Total Remaining $123.82
Savings rate 56.03%

My 2010 Savings 

Total Savings: $5624.89
Rebates Submitted $193.90
$56.60 weekly spending average
Variance for year (leftover from budget) $876.78

My plans for 2011 spending:
Not slack off too much but remember to give myself coupon breaks 
Continue to add more natural & organic foods
Increase donations

How did you do in 2010?

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