Diaper Deal Round-Up 3/4

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Did you know? On average, each child will use more than 4,000 diapers during the first 3-years! Thanks to The Thrifty Couple for providing our weekly Deal Round-Up to help you spend less!

Walgreens Diaper and Wipes Deals
Rite Aid Diaper and Wipes Deals
CVS Diaper and Wipes Deals
Walmart Diaper and Wipes Deals
Target Diaper And Wipes Deals


  1. katie says

    just tried the rite aid deal.
    to get the 5.00 up reward for spending 25.00, you must actually spend 25.00 before coupons.
    you can’t just get 2 packages, because you would only spend 18.73 (buy one get one 1/2 off). So it’s not just .2 cents short, it’s more than 5.00 short of 25.00.

    believe me, I learned the hard way. I’m going to try going back with 4 coupons and get 4 packages so that I spend more than 25.00 before coupons.

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