Dollar Store Halloween Crafts: Cutesy Cupcake Cup Bunting Banner

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Cupcake Bunting Banner

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Who doesn’t love a fun party bunting banner? When you whip up this banner you will have an instant party on your hands. Drape it from your mantel or entryway for an instant pop of color and charm. It is the perfect decorative item if you are short on space and cash.

Supplies Needed:
Cupcake cups in Various sizes, colors
Ribbon or string
Craft glue. A glue stick is perfect for this job if you have one on hand!

1. First, you will want to decide what type of pattern you want to make with your cups. Do you want an AB pattern? Or do you want to switch it up a little more and do something more complicated? Either way, lay out your cups to reflect this pattern.
2. Next, fold each cup in half and press it flat. You will want to create almost a clam shell shape with each cup.
3. Cut the string or ribbon of your choice to the length of your choice. The length of course will depend on how much space you need for this banner to cover.
4. Now, run the string through each fold in a way so that the cupcake cup is hanging over the string.
5. The cupcake cup will now need to be secured into place, as you don’t want it falling off the string. To do this, simply add a dab of glue to the flap of paper and press together firmly.

There you have it! Once your cupcake cups are dry you can now string your banner up wherever you see fit. It is the perfect Halloween look for less.

Total Cost = $2
(assuming you already have a glue stick or craft glue)

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