Dora Cake-LuLu is 3!!!

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My baby turned 3 years old today!  I haven’t been posting much the past couple of days and Harris Teeter matchups will be posted later tomorrow.  This is what I’ve been doing (besides getting ready for a party):

Now, I know it’s not as great as some cakes out there, but I was happy with it.  This is a post that shows even if you have zero artistic ability (like me) you can make your own cake.  I think it turned out decent. I wanted Dora to go to a castle but I couldn’t find one small enough that wasn’t crazy expensive, so she went to the farm instead!  That’s jello for the river!
Please feel free it link up cakes you’ve made-if you’d like.



  1. […] Make sure you put the fondant in an air tight baggie.  After it sits a while it will get a little harder.  If it is too hard to work with then put it in the micro for 10 seconds and let it soften up.   Last year LuLu had a Dora Cake […]

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