Easter Baskets on a Budget

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I’ve been meaning to get this up, but I’m rather behind on my shopping lately.  This is what my kids will be getting for Easter.  I’ll be adding sunglasses for each kid just because they need them and $2 each.  My kids love cash :)
We use the same Easter baskets and grass every year.  Why purchase it again? 
Bubbles from The Dollar Tree ($2)
Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrush from Target (FREE)
Connect 4 for “LuLu” ($2.11*)
Operation for “Monekeyboy” ($2.11*)
$2 cash each ($4)
Candy-as “filler” for Walgreen’s (?)
Sunglasses (TBD)
Even after the sunglasses I’ll have spent under $20 for 2 Easter baskets.
*I factored $2.11 for each game because I spent $15.32 OOP-$9mail-in rebate.  I’m not counting the $5 gift card here because the items I purchase later will be free. Anyways, makes since in my head.
Other (better) baskets I’ve done:
Sand toys with summer sandals (after summer sale)
Swim suits with beach towels (after summer sale)
Other Budget Ideas:
Clearance toys
Bath toys
Art items-crayons, markers
Water balloons
Play doh
Treats such as fruit snacks
Pool toys
Flip Flops
Sports theme such as baseballs or shin guards for soccer–why didn’t I do that this year!
I don’t like getting things I consider junk that will just get thrown out or forgotten.  I’d rather get something useful for the kids or treats such as a few pieces of candy.  Other years I’ve done a summer theme.  I think themes make it more fun when that’s possible to incorporate.
My kids had more Easter candy that I’d picked up from Walgreen’s but my husband ate it!  I’d also stashed FREE buddies soaps from Target, but he gave those to the kids! (Me shaking my head)
What are your kids getting for Easter? Other Easter basket budget tips?
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