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*Updated: September 29, 2010*

I’d first like to commend Corporate Farm Fresh for their quick and thorough response to my email regarding their coupon policy.

Most of the policy we already know and is pretty standard but could come in handy if you have a new cashier.  I want to mention points on the Internet coupon policy to include the clarification I asked for to make sure everyone was on the same page.

  • Internet coupons aren’t accepted for a free product (ie-can’t use free cookies up to $2 value)*
  • Internet coupons are accepted for Buy 1 Get 1 items*
  • Internet coupons can’t have a redemption value greater than $7
  • Internet coupons must have a barcode
  • Internet coupons can’t be photocopied

Dear Dana Zeliff,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Farm Fresh coupon policy . We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

At this time, below we have listed the full coupon policy:

Manufacturer Coupons: Coupons issued by the manufacturer containing: “terms of agreement”, face value, expiration date, and verbiage “manufacturer coupon.” They have handling instructions printed on them.

Most manufacturer coupons have barcodes on them and can be scanned. Any coupons that do not scan or do not have barcodes should be checked for validity of expiration date and purchase requirements.

Farm Fresh may issue coupons that are manufacturer coupons that contain the words “redeemable only at Farm Fresh.”


Store Coupons: Company’s discount offers in various forms of media including, but not limited to, print, electronic, newspaper, direct mailers, ad inserts, kiosks and Company websites.

Store coupons may also contain the words “redeemable only at Farm Fresh”.

When redeeming a store coupon the terms printed on the coupon must be adhered to.


Can a Manufacturer Coupon be Combined with a Store Coupon?


Yes a customer can use a manufacture coupon in conjunction with a store coupon on the same item, if it takes it below the stated retail value we DO NOT give money back. We adjust the coupon.

For example a customer has a $1 off mayo coupon with one of our own $1 off coupons but the jar of mayo is only for $1.98. We would take off the manufacturer coupon for a dollar then adjust the store coupon to 98 cents. Thus making it free for the customer but not giving money back.


Internet Coupons: Coupons printed from an internet website presented for redemption with a qualifying purchase. Coupons are accepted with the exceptions of those meeting the conditions below:

Farm Fresh DOES NOT accept internet coupons containing the following conditions:

‘Free’ product offers that do not require a purchase

Redemption value exceeding $7.00

Absence of UPC bar code

Photocopied internet coupons. Most internet sites will print a time and date stamp on the coupons, and limit each ISP address to two coupons total. If multiple coupon have the same time and date stamp this could be an indicator the coupon was photocopied, and should not be accepted. This is not a policy of the store but rather a means to prevent coupon fraud.


Farm Fresh does not accept competitor’s coupons

If we may be of further assistance, please contact customer care at 1-877-932-7948 or via email.

Fritz B.
Customer Care Specialist

I wanted clarification on the Internet coupon policy for Not accepting coupons for “Free Product Offers”.  This is my email:

Thank you for your prompt response to my coupon policy inquiry!

Could you please provide clarification to the Internet coupon policy-Farm Fresh Does Not accept ‘ Free product offers that do not require a purchase’.

ie- An Internet coupon stating FREE Tropicana OJ up to $2.50 value
ie- An Internet coupons stating Buy 1 Tropicana OJ, Get 1 Tropicana OJ FREE

Would one or both of these be accepted?

The response:

Dear Dana Zeliff,

Thank you for contacting us concerning the coupons for these items. We welcome the opportunity to assist you. The buy one get one free would be accepted.**

We strive for continued customer satisfaction and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service center at 1-877-932-7948.

Lisa L.
Customer Care Specialist

I know a lot of you have had issues with the printable coupons in particular. I would recommend printing a copy of these email responses and add it to your coupon binder or box. For those of you whose local Farm Fresh has post signs stating they will no longer accept Internet coupons or similar notices: I would recommend taking a copy of this email response to the manager. You may need to have them call corporate (# on email) or you call corporate on your cell phone.

Update: 06/23/10
Response via email to Reader Diane’s comment:

Good Morning Dana,

I am responding to your question you had on purchasing 2 boxes of crackers and if you could use a Buy One Get One Free coupon and a .55 cents coupon. You may use the one coupon towards the Buy One Get One Free items. To use the second coupon for .55 cents, you would have to purchase an addition box of crackers. If you had a coupon that stated Buy Two Get One Free, then you could use both coupons since you would be buying three boxes of crackers. Thank you for calling in your request to our call center and have a pleasant day. J

Thank You,
Melinda Blessing
Executive Assistant
Office 757-306-2006
Fax 757-306-2215

*Update 09/29/10*

Limit 20 coupons per person per day
Coupons will NOT be doubled that state “Do Not Double”
Please let me know if you’d like me to ask further questions and add it to the post.


  1. diane says

    now i do have a question! scenerio: i am buying 2 boxes of crackers, i use a B1G1 and a .55/1. can i do that since the B1G1 goes with my "free" box and i am still buying 1 at full price so i should be able to also use my .55/1!? correct?!?! i also have tried contacting FF and never get a clear answer on this, they always say "we have forwarded this to the correct department for further anwswers". HELP my FF is up and down on their policy and I NEVER know what they will say from day to day reguarding coupons! thanks so much for your time!!!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Dana –
    I recently went to a Farm Fresh (Wed. June 16)in Williamsburg and they are no longer accepting ANY internet coupons (of any price) due to the fact that too many fraudulant coupons are circulating! Bummer! I will still continue to shop there with their great deals and doubles! I love my Farm Fresh. I will take a copy of this to the store next time I go! Thanks for the info…

  3. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says


    I was given the same response by Farm Fresh today. I will call if I don't receive a response within 24 hrs as stated in the email.


    I understand about not wanting to change Farm Fresh's. I love mine as well. I'd take a copy of the email and ask them to call corporate. They should follow that policy, but I'm not exactly sure how the individual Farm Fresh's are set up. I'd be interesting in learning their response.

  4. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Diane-the answer to your questions has been posted. No, you can't use a B1G1 and $0.55/1 on 2 boxes of crackers. You could use two coupons if it were a B2G1 coupon and you purchased 3 boxes of crackers. I hope this helps!

  5. Anonymous says

    If I have a coupon for item A, and a coupon for item B when item A is purchased, why won't they take both? Tonight,I had a coupon for 1.00 off Duncan Hines Cake Glaze, and a second coupon for .75 off Duncan Hines Cake Mix when you purchase the Cake Glaze.(which, by the way would have been a great deal since it was Wed. double $, ant the glaze was 1.79, the mix 1.50, both would have been free!) I was purchasing the two items, and using two coupons, no BOGO, but they wouldn't take them. Please explain why this scenario was not allowed?

  6. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Thanks for the question! I'm going to send it to corporate because I think it would be beneficial to everyone to have the "official" policy on this.

    I'll post the response soon!

  7. Heather says

    I understand it says 20 coupons per person per day. Does that mean they will only double 20 coupons per day and give face value on coupons 21+ if you have them (like HT?) I have been using coupons at FF for a while now. Guess I haven't been paying attention to the number of coupons I have been using.

  8. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Yes, that is the policy. After 20 coupons, they are supposed to ring at face value. Some stores allow you to seperate into multiple transactions and go over 20, but that depends on your store.

  9. renee small says

    How many items will they allow you to purchase with a coupon…I know they will only double 2 coupons per item …but what if you have 5 $1.50 off coupons on say Lysol…will they take all 5 or do they have a limit.


    • Dana says

      It’s there policy to only double 2 coupons per like items, but they will accept others at face value up to 20 coupons total per day.

      However, you can separate the transactions to take advantage of multiple coupons. Use 2 lysol coupon in transaction 1 & 2 lysol coupons in transaction 2 so they all double. Most stores even allow you to separate transactions, so you can use 20 coupons in trans. 1 & 20 coupons in trans. 2.

  10. says

    I was just at FF tonight and even though the coupons that were printed in their ad do not say “Do not double” they would not double the coupons. Have you had any experience with this?

    • Dana says

      I believe all the in-ad manufacture coupons started with a “9” (the barcode). Those are set up to not double. Coupons that start with a “5” will usually automatically double. Farm Fresh won’t double their in-ad coupons.

  11. thereza says

    Thank for posting this! My mom went to FF @ tried to use a BOGO coupon for LaChoy. FF wouldnt let her use it b/c FF doesnt accept free item coupons. Craziness! Thanks again!

  12. Veronica says

    I saw you addressed a similar question before, but I have a question about only doubling 2 like coupons. Is it store policy or corporate policy that allows you to separate your transactions? I was told I would have to leave and come back if I wanted separate transactions. I even tried to have my daughter buy one transaction and I buy another and they told me that they couldn’t do that. I had 6 internet coupons, since we have 3 computers at home, all were legit.

    • Dana says

      It is corporate policy to limit you to 2 like coupons per transaction with a limit of 20 coupons total per day. However, how your store enforces that policy is up to management. The register will only allow 2 like coupons per transaction but some stores allow you to either leave the store and come back in or just separate transactions.

      However, if your daughter is paying there should be no reason she can’t do a separate transaction. I know a lot of people have children pay and it’s a financial lesson for them to do so.




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