Farm Fresh Deals 03/02-03/08

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done!  I’m late, sorry!  It was a huge ad today, plus I had a new puppy to deal with (more on that later).

Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!

NEW Fuel Rewards requirements– Earn 1¢ off per gallon for every $10 in qualified purchases!

 Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday.  Add $1 Thurs-Tues.

  • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY
  • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday
  • Limit 2 like coupons per transaction. 
  • Limit 20 coupons per person per day.
  • B1G1 items ring at half price. 
  • Some stores are no longer allowing doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
  • Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh family brand products
  • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag
  • Get the Farm Fresh Coupon Policy

This list has expired
Purchase $20 of Participating P&G Products, Get $5 Back via coupon at checkout
Personal Care
Baby Care
Pet Care
Purchase 4 Participating Dove, Ave or Suave Men's Products, Save $4 instantly

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  1. renee says

    Did you see the change in gas rewards? W/ the new policy, one might save $1 at the pump, if that. Before, I was saving maybe $7 or so, so it was def worth it. Times are getting tough & I wonder if everyone’s “interest” in couponing has caused some of these changes…more ppl participating in couponing = less money for the companies…idk???

  2. Dana says

    Thanks Renee. I meant to put it in after finishing the matchups but forgot. You have a good point. I was getting a decent amount of gas savings too.

    • debi says

      On the gas deal, the flier says: ‘Offer only available at our Fuel Express Center Locations’.
      Help me clarify, obviously, you can only apply this when you get gas at their Fuel Express Locations, but can you earn them at all the stores? With their old system, when you purchased certain items for cents off, you could make those purchases anywhere, the go to a location with gas to redeem. Do you know if this is the same deal??
      Thanks in advance!

      • Dana says

        I’m not certain, I’ll need to get confirmation. My thought is that they can still be used anywhere there is a Fuel Express Station. My gas ticket doesn’t say redeemable only at Mt. Pleasant. I’m thinking they are just changing the way the rewards are earned. Normally I earn an average of around $0.04. This time only $0.01.

    • Dana says

      Ha, ha. Not sick. It takes me longer with the printable list since I’m typing up more of the ad. Although, I didn’t get everything in today. WAY too much in the ad this week. I was also having to keep the kids from squishing the puppy & lots of potty breaks (for the dog, not me)

      Glad you missed me :)

  3. Just Wanted to Give you an "Attagirl" says

    Just wanted to let you know your matchups are awesome……truely a blessing…I love the way you have them grouped by category and the fact that you can select and print……you rock…..thanks!!!!!

    comment edited by Dana

  4. melanie says

    I agree your match-ups are awesome and thank-you for all your hard work. We should all be very grateful to all the wonderful coupon bloggers out there who do all this work and enable us to save our hard earned money or lack there of.

    Comment edited by Dana

  5. says

    Sinex put out a $4/1 Sinex product in this week’s Sunday paper, making it $2.99/e.
    Starkist Tuna has a $0.50/1 pouch if you register on their website, making them free.

    • Dana says

      Thanks! I didn’t even get a chance to search the inserts from this weekend. Tried to do it in the car yesterday – not a good idea for someone who gets car sick.

  6. Dana says

    I’m so glad you like the matchups ladies!!

    Lori & I are the only 2 bloggers (that I know about) that cover Farm Fresh.

    Lots of great bloggers in HR for you to enjoy!

    Have you checked my blogroll? We’re having a blogger meet at my house later this month which should be lots of fun! I’ll hope to remember to get a picture of everyone to post

    • says

      Im still in VA (gotta love the military, they tell you your moving & then that your not) if you would like to add me to the list of Hampton Roads bloggers :)

      Can’t wait to see pics of the puppy! Thanks for the match-ups every week too!

  7. renee says

    Had another run-in today at FF :-( …I went through the line & my son was going through another line and, once done, the mgr in charge (dif one from last week) approached me about the two transactions (one w/ me & other my son). I spoke to her & clarified what their policy said….20 coupons doubled per customer, not household and that he was a homeschooling student learning how to handle money in the real world as a customer. She was really, really nice (I love FF customer svc). I thought the issue had always been w/ a FF upper mgr or something…but…. in the midst of our conversation, she told me that the reason all of this had been going on is b/c of ONE customer. She’s like spying on us (there’s a few other ladies that work together in a group exchanging coupons & such)…matter of fact, she told me the lady was staring at her as she spoke to me. She did tell me she was going to talk to the store director about the situation. I can’t believe someone’s life is so boring they have to follow ppl in a grocery store to see what they’re doing. As in most cases, my thoughts were not there…when I left, I thought, I wish I would have asked…why wouldn’t you talk to this lady & explain to her the policy & that frankly it’s none of her business what another customer is doing as far as her shopping habits. Needless, to say, I’m debating on whether or not to contact FF about this…I don’t want to get anyone in trouble b/c they’re awesome, but I do want this issue addressed.

    • Dana says

      Okay, I had to come back later to read this. It is a customer not an employee making such an issue of your son doing a transaction? Seriously? Why would someone care or take the time to monitor other shoppers? It’s not like your walking around giving people fraudulent coupons. Your son is shopping and the policy is clear on “per person”. It’s beneficial to your son to learn these lessons as well.

      I agree that FF has excellent customer service. I’m sure it is a difficult matter for that FF store to address. Did you decide to contact FF corporate about this?

      • renee says

        Yes, I did contact them but I probably won’t hear anything soon…I know that all store directors are flying out for conference tomorrow. The whole situation just frustrates me. If my son, who is 13, wanted to buy soda, chips, & a candy bar, they would have no problem taking his money or treating him as a customer (& the other customer probably wouldn’t be concerned either), but b/c he’s using coupons, they’re willing to question it b/c of another customer’s complaint. I’m thinking about driving 15-20 miles further to go to a store that I know this will not happen. B/c gas prices are so high, I would just have to schedule everything around that day 😉 Waiting to see what happens…

        • Dana says

          I hope they’re conference yields good couponing news!

          That’s a valid point about the chips and soda. If FF wants to change they’re policy to 20 per household then that’s different, although sad. As it stands, your son is within the policy to use the coupons. However, the policy should not be dictated by or enforced by another customer.

          I still think of it as an important lesson your son is learning. My kids understand coupons but aren’t really old enough to use them. I do make them pay for their fun stuff with their own money, though. We had a lesson on taxes at Target on sunday :-)

          • renee says

            I just thought I would update you on the situation….Farm Fresh contacted me yesterday (it wasn’t the store director b/c she’s out of town at the conf) and told me that what I was doing was fine and that I shouldn’t have been contacted by a FF employee concerning another customer’s issue. He couldn’t believe that another customer was so concerned about what I or my son was doing.

            I just emphasized to him that I wasn’t upset with any of the employees, I just didn’t want it to happen again….that can be embarrassing, not to mention irritating. 😉 So we will see tomorrow what happens…the funny thing is, I’m going to be walking around the store wondering who it is…lol. And I imagine if she sees my son with his cart, she’s going to get fired up again. Oh well, hopefully I can leave without being harassed.

    • Dana says

      I’m glad that FF took the time to address the issue. Hopefully you won’t have the problem tomorrow. You’re going to be scoping out all the customers trying to find out who is spying on you :)

      I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience tomorrow!!!!!

  8. K says

    Can’t wait for puppy stories (and pics please!) I figured that was the main cause for the delay when I didn’t see your matchups this morning. Our new additions have been adult dogs (which is 10x easier, hehe!) but I remember well how much work puppies are.

    FF was just completely awesome today. I got great deals. 3 lbs. of hamburger meat ended up being $2 with store and MQ I had.

    I also met a very kind person that had access to peelies and hangtags no longer on products that they shared with me. I really appreciate people being so nice like that because I have some great coupons now for stuff I buy all the time like dog food, coffee creamer, and cokes.

    Wondered what was going on with the fuel thing. I rarely get fuel rewards, so when one for 7c printed off today for buying “product” (lol) I racked my brain trying to figure out what product it was. I guess they base it off original total before coupons since it was around $70 before all the coupons?

    • Dana says

      The puppies are more diffucult with certain issues, but I’m sure you’ve had problems getting the adult dogs used to your household and routines. You scored on those hangtags! It’s great when people share they’re coupons with others! Fantastic deal on hamburger too!

      I need to clarify the fuel rewards when I go back to the store on Wednesday.


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