Farm Fresh Sale Ad Coupon Matchups 4/24-4/30

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done!  I’m not sure what is going on with the ad this week.  I’ve checked multiple locations and the sneak peak is only 4 pages at all the stores.  It’s also in a completely different layout than normal.  If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Update: From Farm Fresh Facebook Page:
This is our new Ad format. We’ve reduced the size of our Ad as part of our efforts to simplify our customer’s shopping experience. The new Ad has no impact on the number of weekly deals we offer, you will still see hundreds of SALE tags throughout our store! All feedback is welcome! ~Kimberly

While I love simplifying the ad, I’ve contacted Corporate to see about “still see hundreds of SALE tags throughout our store” since that will affect your matchups.  I would personally love to see an ad this size formatted differently with sales, and not so much wasted space.

Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!

Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday. Add $1 Thurs-Tues.
  • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY.
  • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
  • Limit 2 like coupons per transaction.
  • Limit 20 coupons per person per day.
  • B1G1 items ring at half price.
  • Doubles not allowed on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
  • Farm Fresh Military Discount Policy – Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh Family Brand Products everyday
  • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag
  • Get the Farm Fresh Supermarkets Coupon Policy

This list has expired

Deals found in store from Jennifer:

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions 2.99 – 1/1 = 99, Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese 2.89 – 1/1 = .89, French’s Worcestershire Sauce (small bottle) .99 – .40/1 = .19, Hershey bars 1.19 & Hershey Air Delight .99 – 1/2 = .09 each.

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  1. Laurie says

    I asked about this on their Facebook page and was told that is how they will be listing their ads from now on and basically you will have to come into the store and look for sales tags instead of just finding everything in the sales flyer….

  2. Stacey says

    Wow that doesn’t sound like great idea. Us couponers aside, there are people who plan their trips based upon sale prices….I can foresee them (especially working individuals or parents w/ younger kids) not being thrilled about having to walk up and down aisles.

  3. charlene says

    We want to see the “sales” on line on in the ad, we don’t have time to walk all the isles to find a deal… I’d rather shop the stores that aren’t too cheap to least all the sales for the week!!!!

  4. Ray says

    Folks, if you don’t like the new ad format then let them know on their Facebook page. I did and a ton of people have also. Next step is to unlike Farm fresh

  5. Jessie D says

    Reduced ad = Reduced business as far as I’m concerned. Who has time to search the store for hundreds of sales?

  6. Michelle says

    Well I went to Farm Fresh and I was not impressed by this change for 2 reasons. 1. I do not keep a binder and keep my inserts intact so I have no idea which coupons to clip and take with me. 2. A majority of what was marked down were items I never buy. It was a bit strange also while I was shopping I noiced where some of the same brand and type of item even the same size (Kraft Fresh Take for example) were different prices. One was the new marked down price and all others were the original Farm Fresh price before the change.

  7. Michelle says

    Yes it was very odd…the Kraft Fresh Take Italian flavor was around $2.99 or so and all the other flavors were over $3. The Digiorno Pizzeria pizzas were a good price to use with the $2 Facebook coupons and would make them under $4, but since I figured they would not be on sale, I did not bring them. (One or two of those pizzas had the same issue with not being the same price.) Either way it’s not worth my time going back unless I have $1 coupons for an item I need and I know the price will be better than elsewhere after doubling.


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