Freezer Cooking Day-February Preview

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Starting this Friday, MoneySavingMom and LifeasMom will be hosting another Freezer Cooking Day.  These two Supermoms cook and freeze food to feed their families throughout the next month.  They share receipts, tips, successes and failures.  My “normal” cooking week involves cooking at least 1 meal that allows me to freeze 1/2 and to eat another meal from the freezer thus (in my mind) rotating what we eat.  My hubby refuses to eat the same meal within a month (okay, he’ll eat it but won’t be happy about it).  I try to allow several weeks to pass before I serve the meal again.
I plan to join in on Freezer Cooking Day for the First time, but I will most likely cook on Thursday and Saturday since this week is a little crazy.  I also plan to start SMALL and see how things go. 
Here’s My Plan:
Cook and shred Shredded Beef (purchased at Farm Fresh this week)
Cook Pinto Beans and freeze in can-sized portions
Make waffles or pancakes
Make muffins
Make 2 Chicken Pot Pies (eat 1 for dinner, freeze the other)
Make Freezer Mashed Potatoes (I don’t like sour cream so my potatoes only have s/p, milk, and butter)
That’s the plan so far.  We’ll see if I feel more adventurous on Saturday and add in a few more things. 

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