Frugal Kid Fun: Rocket Penny Bank

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Thanks to Sharon with Mom on Dealz for providing today’s guest post.  If you’re looking for fun, budget-friendly craft ideas for kids check-out Mom on Dealz Kid Corner to keep your child entertained for less.

Rocket Penny Bank Craft

Baby Wipe Container
2 Paper Towel Rolls
2 Toilet Paper Rolls
20 Cotton Balls
Hot Glue Gun
Small Square of White Paper

1. Cut one toilet paper roll in half and hot glue it to the bottom on the other tp roll.

2. Fold the square piece of paper into a cone shape and tape it onto the top of the long roll.

3.  Attach the “ship”  to the top of the wipe container making sure you place it correctly so that the top still opens.

4.  Attach one paper towel roll to each side of the wipe container.

5.  Paint the rolls the colors you desire. (I actually suggest doing this before you glue but we did it after~you live and learn right?).

6.  Hot glue cotton balls to the bottom of the rolls to look like “smoke”.

7.  Attach any kind of sign or label to let everyone know who owns the penny bank.

Educational Activities:

  • Math:  Discuss pennies and other coins, showing your child the coins and telling them their value.  Depending on their age, you can create math problems with the pennies.  I had Will count pennies up to 30 for his practice. You can also order books lik My First Book of Money: Counting Coinsto aid you in helping your child understand money.
  • Language Arts:  Read the book Sally Ride: Shooting for the Stars Great Lives Seriesand discuss Sally’s life with your child.  Talk about space and the things Sally got to see while traveling.  You can also identify things in space and have your child tell you what letter each object starts with and practice writing those words.

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