5 Must Have Frugal Kitchen Staples

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Frugal Kitchen Staples


Having the right supplies is the key to any situation and it is certainly true in the kitchen. Frugal kitchen staples are quite simply the basics of economical cooking…those items you can’t do without when you are trying to make your recipes. These staples are generally inexpensive and diverse, making them very valuable to you in a number of ways.

5 frugal kitchen staples most home chefs can’t do without:

Pasta – When it comes to frugal staples, pasta is at or near the top of most lists. What makes it so valuable? For one thing, pasta can be combined with so many different things…you can make spaghetti, mix in veggies for a light pasta salad or simply mix it with olive oil for a light meal by itself.

It can be used in so many different combinations that it will always be a primary staple in the kitchen. It also keeps very well and won’t go bad for quite a long time. PLUS coupon users can usually get pasta for free after pairing a sale with a coupon!

Eggs – These wonderful little treats are also extremely cost efficient and diverse and will be used often in your various recipes. Eggs can be eaten all alone or as a base. If you want a super food that can help you prepare a million dishes, eggs fit the bill. The best part is that they are very inexpensive as well.

Onions – What kitchen can survive without onions? It spices up the bland and does so with a crunchy flavor that can’t be replicated. A thrifty kitchen can’t survive without this tasty staple. Onions are cheap, diverse and the very definition of a kitchen staple.

Potatoes – Whether you are having them as french fries, potato chips, hash browns or simply baking them up for a healthy treat, potatoes are a wonderful item to have on hand in the kitchen. Virtually every meal can be improved by adding potatoes and you can buy them for a very reasonable cost. If you truly want to save money, grow them yourself in the garden. They are super easy to cultivate.

Chicken – Not many people think of meats as staples, but they should. Chicken is the most diverse meat on the planet. You can literally eat it a million different ways and it can easily dress up most any dish. Shredded, fried, baked or even grilled, chicken will be a wonderful inexpensive addition to your kitchen supply chain. Keep it on hand at all times if you are not a vegetarian and you will always have a meal at your fingertips.

These are only five frugal kitchen staples that you might use in your day to day lives. There are certainly a ton of others that you can enjoy as well. It really depends on your cooking style and the things that you like to make.

If you need more ideas for Frugal Kitchen Staples, you might like this inexpensive ebook – Saving Money in the Kitchen: Frugal Cooking Tips and Recipes.

What others Frugal Kitchen Staples can you think of?

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