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Welcome to my Getting Started with Coupons Page! 

I highly recommend reading my couponing FAQ’s post to acquaint yourself with the world of coupons. I discuss coupon terminology, usage, rules, and more. Check out the getting started at Walgreen’s and CVS posts to learn how to make the most of your drug store shopping trips.

Have questions or need more details or a clarification?  Email me: [email protected]

Getting Started Series:
Getting Started: FAQ’s
Getting Started: Walgreen’s
Getting Started: CVS

Tips and More:
How to Build a Stockpile
How to Organize a Stockpile
The Life Cycle of a Coupon and Purpose of “Do Not Double”
Ethical Couponing
My Goal Prices
My Goal Prices: Meat

Store Coupon Policies:
Commissary Coupon Policy
CVS Coupon Policy
Dollar General Coupon Policy
Farm Fresh Coupon Policy
Food Lion Coupon Policy
Harris Teeter Coupon Policy
Kroger Coupon Policy
Rite Aid Coupon Policy
Target Coupon Policy
Walgreen’s Coupon Policy
Walmart Coupon Policy

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