Halloween Dollar Store Craft: Charming Cupcake Party Lights

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It’s not a party without twinkle lights, which is why this DIY project for Charming Cupcake Party Lights should be on your to do list.  These lights are so simple to make, yet they will look like something you picked up at a specialty shop. In no time flat you can have your very own custom Halloween party lights to light up the night and add some ghostly glow to your evening.

Supplies Needed:
Cupcake cups, regular size
Cupcake cups, small size
Hole punch or pencil
Strand of orange or regular twinkle lights

1. To begin, take a hole punch or sharp pencil and poke a hole into the center of each cupcake cup.
2. You want the decoration on the cup to be displayed well, so in order for this to happy turn each cup inside out.
3. Now, you can begin stringing the cupcake cups on the light strand. Dollar Tree also sells orange light strands for just $1 as well, so if you do not have one on hand you can grab one there. To put the cups on, start by sliding a large cup over the bulb so the bulb comes through the hole you punched.
4. Add an extra layer of design by then stacking one of the smaller cups on top of the larger one you just placed on. It will almost have a flower effect.
5. You can now choose to ruffle your cupcake cups up a bit or even make small snips to them with scissors to give them a shabbied look. The choice is all yours of course, just get creative and do what works for you.

Once your cups are all in place all you need to do is plug your light strand in. That’s it! Your room will be glowing with the site of the season and just think…you made it all by yourself!

Note: Do NOT leave these on when you aren’t home or are asleep.  You do have lights near paper and could be a fire hazard if unattended!

Total Cost = $3
(assuming you already have a hole punch)

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