Hampton Roads Locals: The Daily Press Coupon Insert Rumors

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Hampton Roads readers living on the Peninsula have been hearing rumors that  The Daily Press will no longer be including coupons in any of the papers purchased at the store.  The rumor indicated that the only way to get coupons is to have the paper delivered.  I talked with A Frugal Chick who is my go-to person for all things on the Peninsula.  She emailed Nicole at The Daily Press and asked her about the rumors.  Below is the notice Nicole received from her contact:

“It is absolutely true that you will not be guaranteed the same amount of coupons when you buy a single copy from the rack. However, we always try to put at least one coupon insert in the single copies when we can… we service (home delivery) customers first.

 The rumor that the Daily Press will no longer offer coupons in single copies is false. We cannot tell you how many coupons will be included in the single copies each week, because our Sunday home circulation is growing, but the intention is to include at least one insert in the single copy stand newspapers.”

If you want extra copies of the coupons you will still be able to get them from The Daily Press at your local store; however, please make sure to check the paper before you purchase it!  This rule is true for all papers at the newsstand.  I AWALYS flip through my paper before heading to the register. 

Thanks to A Frugal Chick & Nicole!


    • Dana says

      When you purchase an extra newspaper there should be coupon inserts in the paper. 7-11, Dollar Tree, grocery stores or anywhere that sells the newspaper.

  1. Renee Propster Caffee says

    I live in southern Chesapeake (South of Great Bridge) and I have had a very hard time finding the Daily Press. Do you know of a retail outlet that carries that paper down this way?

    • Dana says

      My understanding is you can only get the Daily Press on the Peninsula. They have a deal with the Pilot not to distribute on our side of the water.

  2. Phyllis says

    I get the Daily Press via Home delivery (Sunday only) and I live in Northern Suffolk. It is also readily available in the financial district in Downtown Norfolk. Not sure about outlets in Southern Chesapeake. Perhaps call or email the Daily Press circulation department ….I’m sure they could help you find the nearest outlet.

  3. Jennifer S says

    I live in North Suffolk also and I get both the Daily Press and Virginian Pilot delivered. I did read somewhere recently that they will deliver to the Peninsula, Suffolk and Smithfield and I think a few other places but those are the farthest out they will deliver to. Are they still allowing us to order extra papers for home delivery? I thought I also read that that offer was only for 1st time home delivery.

  4. says


    The Daily Press will allow you to purchase additional copies of the newspaper at a discounted rate. (There is a special phone number you need to call, but I don’t have it on hand right now. Email me and I will get that number for you, if you’re interested).

  5. says

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