Harris Teeter Coupon Matchups 08/17-08/23

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Harris Teeter coupon matchups are done!  Not as good this week following super doubles, but a few good deals can be found.

Let me know what else you find

    • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
    • Limit 20 coupons per day.
    • Limit 3 like coupons per transaction, 2 like internet printables per transaction.
    • No internet printable coupons accepted for “FREE” items or B1G1 Free items.
    • B1G1 items ring at half price.
    • “No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit to be exceeded or any other coupon limits to be exceeded”.
    • Get the Harris Teeter Coupon Policy.

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e-VIC Special
Meal Deal

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  1. Stace says

    I did juice and sodas this week at HT since they have the b2g3 sale. I feel weird buying 10 cases of soda but I’m prepping for hubby coming back and it’ll last a really long time so…Anyway, I bought the 10 cases of soda and 10 bottles of 100% northland juice (girls love that stuff). Would have been $107 or so before. Then the vic kicks in, use 2 printable juice coupons and then I got a series of $10 off $40 or more coupons in the mail recently that you used during certain weeks so I used the one for this wek. Brought the total to about $31 :)

  2. says

    Love your list!

    HT is starting to annoy me with the way they deal with prices for the B2G3 sale. For instance, last week coke 12-pks were $5.39. I paid particular attention to this because I have a coupon good for a free 12-pk, up to $4.95. I decided not to use it because, free should be free. Now that HT is having a B2G3 sale, they raised the price on the coke 12-pks by $1 each and I just don’t think that’s right. It’s still an okay price, but nothing exceptional. However, with my coupon it will be a good deal. I don’t buy canned soda much. If we buy soda it’s usually in 2-liter bottles (and usually the store brand!)

    • Dana says

      Yes, I think that is wrong to increase the price for those deals. They are already expensive at regular price

      I try to avoid buying soda since I have no self control and will drink it all 😉

    • says

      hi valerie! great point, & bc of situations like that, i have been having great deals at farm fresh instead lately. they all seem to figure out how to keep up from getting the free deals but overall have been pleased w farm fresh. next i plan to try Walmart since their base prices are lower. (no doubles but you get overage credits) used to go to bloom too but they are always out of stock. hope all is well. – cara

  3. Stace says

    Thanks, Dana! He’s not near home yet though–I am just planning ahead to get that diet soda stock back up for him. We still have quite a while to go yet. But it may not be the December date like first though (hence me buying some sodas already..I wanted to use that $10 coupon 😉 and I figure 6 weeks out is ok. But we’ll see. We were in this exact situation 3 years ago and it didn’t work out like it was supposed to. Home just in time for our middle’s birthday then her birthday came and went and he didn’t make it. Left in a foreign country with lots of “better luck next week’s” that went on for quite a while. Sorry rambling but you see the reason for my hesitation. It’s almost an exact duplicate of our situation 3 years ago. Never know w/ the military so I can’t get my hopes up until I get a call that he’s stateside. But when he does arrive, he has some diet soda waiting ;p

    • Dana says

      They don’t like to bring them home on schedule do they. Hopefully he will make it back when promised. You’ll make sure he is stocked up and ready with his favorites :)

  4. Liz says

    Yes, that drives me crazy about HT, the price they charge for soda during that promotion.

    Usually if I am buying 12 packs and want to save, I hit CVS. They usually have a deal on either Coke or Pepsi products…right now one of them is 4/$10 and another 3/$9. Combined with Extra Bucks, that is usually a pretty good deal. Regardless, its good at $2.50 for a 12 pack!!

    Note also that Planters Peanut Butter is BOGO so free with the coupon in the paper.


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