Harris Teeter Meal Ideas: Pork Lo Mein & Chicken Marinara

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Mom on Dealz & I are trying out providing you with weekly recipes based on the sale ads for local stores.  The following recipes are from Mom on Dealz and are based on the Harris Teeter sale ad for the week of 01/19/11.  I’ll look at the Farm Fresh ad later today.  Remember that some of the ingredients listed you may already have in your stockpile, so the cost for the meal would be less. 

Let us know what you think of this new feature, please!

Pork Lo Mein

**Pork Tenderloin $8.07
**Barilla Angel Hair Pasta $1.67
-$0.75 coupon from SS 1/9
**1/2 cup water FREE
**Sunbird Seasoning Mix Honey Teriyaki $0.99
**Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli $1.09
-$0.50/2 coupon from SS 12/12
Final=$0.59 each

Final Cost:$11.49

1.  Cook pasta and set aside.
2.  Heat skillet over medium/high heat and add pork.  Cook pork until done.
3.  Stir in broccoli
4.  Blend seasoning and water and add to pan. 
5.  Bring meal to a boil and then simmer until broccoli is tender.
6.  Add pasta and serve.

Chicken Marinara

**1 Rotisserie Chicken $4.99
**1 Classico Pasta Sauce $1.49
**Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli $1.09
-$0.50/2 coupon from SS 12/12
Final=$0.59 each
**Kraft Shredded Mozz Cheese $1.74
-$0.50 printable coupon HERE
**Barilla Pasta $1.67
-$0.75 coupon from SS 1/9
Total Meal Cost=$7.98

You could also add Pillsbury Grand biscuits
-$0.30/2 coupon from GM 1/2
Final=$0.70 each
Bringing meal total to $8.68

1.  Cook pasta and set aside.
2.  Heat Classico sauce over medium heat in deep skillet.
3.  Microwave broccoli according to package directions.
4.  Shred rotisserie chicken.
5.  Add broccoli and chicken to heated sauce.  Serve over pasta and top with cheese.

 photo: cookstr


  1. says

    I love this idea! I have to say I really miss Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh! Nobody out here in CA doubles coupons! :( BOO!! Way cool idea though about writing up recipes based on the deals!

    • Dana says

      Ahh, no doubles. I guess you’ll have your savings with the LONG growing season of cheap veggies and fruit. I think I’d trade my doubles for your beautiful weather, though. I’m cold!

      Glad you like the idea

  2. says

    I did notice that the produce is a LOT better out here and pretty inexpensive too! So (with the hubby kicking and screaming lol) we eat a couple vegetarian meals a week. That seems to really help the budget. And I did find out there is one that doubles coupons max to $1 so if I had a $.75 coupon it would only double to $1. Better than a kick in the shins I suppose! lol. Hope it warms up for you!! If not come out and visit us!! 😉

    • Dana says

      Ha,ha. He’ll get used to it. My hubby wouldn’t be happy at first either.

      That’s great that one store doubles. Much better than just getting the $0.75. We’ll be there next week. JK. Derrick grew up in San Diego, so he always wants to go back. I remember the parks are amazing.

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