Harris Teeter Sale Ad Deals 06/22-06/28

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Below are your sale ad coupon matchups for the Harris Teeter Super Double Coupon Event starting Wednesday, June 22nd!

Matchups are based on the sneak peek ad so there may be additional deals tomorrow.  Please let me know if you find corrections or additions!

*Get the list of updated regular price matchups here*

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, below are some details.  You will also want to familiarize yourself with the new Coupon Policy.

  • This promotion will run 06/22-06/28
  • Harris Teeter will double coupons with a face value up to and including $1.98. A $1.50 coupon will be worth $3!
  • Limit 20 coupons per day
  • Limit 3 like coupons per transaction, 2 like printables
  • Some stores will NOT allow doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”
  • FREE and super cheap items go fast so shop early if you can

This List Has Expired
e-VIC Special
Meal Deal
Personal Care
Pet Care


  1. Ashley says

    The Powerade printable is a DND 9 so the price for 5 is $3.75. Still a pretty good deal for sports drinks!

  2. Stace says

    Ok who took all the bounty napkins and toms of maine soap from hanbury HT by 7:30?! I only wanted one of each 😉

    • Dana says

      I know! I got there just after 7 this morning and no napkins or Tom’s of maine soap. Odd. Everything else I wanted was in stock though. Either because school is out or I woke up at 3:30 to get there by 7. Either way, I was happy.

      Really wanted the napkins though (FF doesn’t carry the small size)

  3. sara says

    3 Digornio Pizzas w/ cookies
    3 Tonys Pizzas
    3 Hefty Trash bags
    1 Muellers Pasta
    1 dan-o-nino 6 pack yogurt
    1 Colgate toothpaste
    1 Tic-Tacs
    1 Kraft BBQ sauce
    1 Hungry Jack pancake mix
    1Zest bar soap
    1 Crackerful
    1 Playtex Tampons
    1 Large bag of Pedigree dog food
    All for $29 :)

  4. Maggie says

    I got to my local HT by 6:30 am. I was pretty much the only one over there and I score a lot of goodies mostly at the dairy section.
    Here is what I got:
    2 Hefty freezer one zip
    2 Mini Wheat cereal
    6 can of Campbell soup
    2 spray and wash
    1 cutter bug pen
    1 Eucerin hand cream
    1 Playtex Sport
    1 Strawberry salad greens
    baby carrots
    2 I can’t believe it not butter
    2 Philly cooking cheese
    1 Kraft Deli slices
    1 Sorrento string cheese
    6 Athenos Greek yogurt
    2 Activia with fiber (4 pack)
    2 Danoninos
    2 dozen HT eggs
    1 Smart Balance Milk
    Total Spent: $25.37

    How did you get the Mini wheats for free?

    • Dana says

      You did great! they were the mini wheats with a touch of fruit in the middle. I have $1/1 coupons from vocalpoint.

  5. Michelle says

    Although it’s not a sale item (regular price 2/$4), Minute Rice frozen 4-minute “Steamers” are still FREE after the $1/1 coupon from the 4/17 Red Plum 2 which expires July 2.

  6. Andrea Watts says

    Where are the Steamers? Are they in the freezer section or the rice? I did manage to get some napkis but I was there at 6:20 am. I will do that from now on. My Lincolnton NC store doesn’t carry the Tom’s soap :(

    • Michelle says

      They are in the freezer section right beside the vegetable steamer bags (on the bottom shelf is always where they are in my stores).

      • Dana says

        I wasn’t able to find them. Maybe I looked in the wrong place. I search the veggie aisle closer. thank you!

  7. Michelle says

    Here is what I have gotten over two days:
    6 Minute Rice Steamers
    12 boxes assorted Hefty food storage bags
    2 Danonino 6-packs
    1 box Playtex tampons
    5 tubes assorted Colgate toothpaste
    5 large bottles V8
    1 Tom’s of Maine deodorant

    • Dana says

      You stocked up on the Hefty bags! Wish I still had coupons. I only had 1 left. Have you used the Tom’s of Maine deodorant before? Just curious if it’s any good

  8. Sabrina says

    Here is what I got over 2 days
    1 colgate toothpaste
    6 containers of phillycooking creme creme
    2 packages Johnsonville italian sausage
    1 chex mix
    3 bottles cutter bug pen
    1 sally Hansen wax kit-(on sale for 4.29 I had a 3.00 coupon)
    2 boxes muellers pasta
    1 bag Nestle Crunch fun size
    4 boxes reynolds wrap
    6 Balance energy bars
    All Total for 2 days 20.11 89% savings!!

    • Dana says

      You reminded me to look for the cutter pens tomorrow. Thanks!

      You had a great savings rate this week! Congrats!


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