Healthy Families Happy Kids Event Starting Tomorrow, October 2nd !

The Healthy Families Happy Kids Event starts tomorrow, October 2nd!  I’ve been a very busy bee getting great products all lined up for you.  Not only will you find awesome giveaways here at The coupon Challenge, but over at Chubby Cheeks Thinks and Two Monkey’s & a Washtub as well! 

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Get ready, my first giveaway will post at 8am EST on October 2nd!  Who likes Frecklebox?

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Healthy Families Happy Kids Event Coming in October!

I’m so excited about my upcoming event!  I will be hosting “The Healthy Families Happy Kids Event” along with Chubby Cheeks Thinks and Two Monkey & a Washtub from October 2nd-October 16th!  You don’t want to miss it!  There will be tons of reviews and giveaways as well as personal and guest posts on how to keep your family healthy.  Healthy families make happy kids! As you might expect at The Coupon Challenge, most posts will focus on keeping families healthy on a budget. 
I have fantastic sponsors lined up with amazing giveaways just for you! 
Here are some of my confirmed sponsors (in no specific order)! Go check them out!

Boogie Wipes
CoolKidz-Keen Distributing
Nature’s Path Foods/EnviroKids
Piggy Paint
Safety Tat
Gorton’s Seafood
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Pampers Kandoo
Stonyfield Farm Organics
Honest Tea
Little One Books

Want to Earn Extra Entries:

Do you want to earn extra entries? You can gain 10 EXTRA entries into ALL of my giveaways during the event by adding this button to your sidebar! You must leave a comment on THIS post with the button location by OCTOBER 1st in order to get those extra entries!  Want to make it even sweeter?  You can also earn 10 extra entries into all the giveaways at Chubby Cheeks Thinks and Two Monkey & a Washtub by leaving a comment on each of their posts telling them that you grabbed the button (click the links above).

Want to Sponsor the Event? 
Do you have a product that is eco-friendly, recycled/upcycled, organic or natural, fitness or meditation, or fun kid’s items that would keep families healthy and kids happy? Email me! [email protected]  I would love to learn more about your product and share it with my readers!

Want to Write a Guest Post?
Do you have an idea for a post on ways to keep families healthy and kids happy?  Email me!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and provide readers will more information on ways to keep families and kids healthy.  Frugal topics are not required.
Look for the “Healthy Families Happy Kids” Event Page coming soon!

Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link.


  1. So, my computer is grouchy and email is out but commenting is in. Anyway, my suggestions are:

    1. Take them to the store. Find out which fruits and veggies they want in their lunch. Are there any they haven't seen before? Let them touch it, smell it, buy it so they can taste. One of my dd13's friends had never had kiwi until she came to our house! My dd6 has an order already placed for next weeks fruit for her school lunch. She took out the farm fresh paper and pointed out how good the green and purple grapes looked.
    2. Let them cook. Show them how to plan a healthy meal. How to include a protien, carb, fruit and veggies. Ask them if they want to plan and prepare (with your help if needed) a meal.
    3. Grow food. My dd13 hates peas but will eat them fresh out of the garden and loves them. This past year was the first time we have had space for a garden thanks to moving and she was amazed at how good peas taste when they are fresh.

    Hope this helps.

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