*HOT* Moneymaking Classico Pasta Sauce Deal at Harris Teeter this week!

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Have you tried the HOT Classico Pasta Sauce deal this week at Harris Teeter? You’ll EARN MONEY to bring home spaghetti sauce :)

Right now, Classico is on sale B1G1 for $1.44 each. There is a Catalina Deal too:  Buy 3 get a $2 Catalina or Buy 4 Get $3 of the 24 oz+ jars (red sauces only). Lastly, there is a SavingStar offer for $5/15 Classico Products offer, too!

So, if you load the SavingStar offer, and can print (4) $1/3 Classico Pasta Sauce (The Coupon Book), you can do this deal:

Buy (3) = $4.32
Use (1) $1/3 Classico Pasta Sauce (The Coupon Book)
Pay $2.32 (+tax)
Get $2 Catalina

Do this four times in separate transactions (so the $2 Catalina prints every time). If my math is correct, you’ll end up paying $9.28 (+tax) for (12) 24oz. Classico Sauce ($.77/jar), you’ll receive (4) $2 Catalinas and get a $5 Saving Star Deposit!

Buy: (12) 24oz. Classico Sauce = $17.28
(4) $1/3 Classico Pasta Sauce (The Coupon Book) *doubled* = $8.00
(1) $5 SavingStar Deposit
(4) $2 Catalinas

You’ll earn $3.72 total!

A few tips:

I did this deal yesterday and I told the cashier I wanted to do the pasta sauce in sets of three over four different transactions. She told me I could only scan my VIC card 4 times per day. . . .which I had never heard of! It ended up not being true, since my 5th transaction went through just fine. Also, I bought 3 Alfredo sauces and it did NOT produce the $2 Catalina. I’m pretty sure they are included in the SavingStar offer, but just not in the Catalina deal, since those have to be 24oz. jars, and the white sauces are only 15oz.

PS: The best news is that the $2 Catalinas are doubling this week at Harris Teeter 😀





    • Emily says

      I did not test that scenario, but I think it is possible. HOWEVER, if your total comes to $2.32 (+tax) for just the three jars of sauce then be sure to have something extra in your cart to make your total NOT negative since the Catalina will double.

  1. Chazree says

    I did this today. But the $2 Catalina would not double, it states it does not double on it and when the cashier scanned it it did not. I had to go to customer service to have them check something else on my receipt and she said these do not scan.

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