No-Sew Scented Drawer Sachet – How to Make a Sachet

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How to Make a Sachet
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Ever wondered how to make a sachet?  If you are looking for a simple craft to give as a gift or to make something for yourself, these pretty and simple no-sew scented drawer sachets will leave your clothes with a light fragrance.

They make a lovely hostess gift, basket filler, or Valentine’s Day gift. Pick out a pretty fabric and scent that you love. If you are looking for scents with aromatherapy benefits there are a wide variety of smells and benefits:

  • Lavender­ – Calming & relaxing
  • Orange­ – Brightens & relieves anxiety
  • Cinnamon­ Mood & Concentration
  • Peppermint­ – Energizing
  • Sandalwood­ – Relaxing­ alleviates stress, anxiety & depression

How to Make a Sachet


Thin cotton fabric
cotton batting ribbon
essential oil, I used Lavender
scissors or rotary cutter

  1. Cut fabric into an 8”8” square.
  2. Cut a 6” length of ribbon.
  3. Fill center with a piece of cotton batting a little bigger than an egg.-3
  4. Squeeze 5­7 drops of essential oil onto cotton batting.
  5. Draw up the four corners of your fabric, compress batting.-4
  6. Tie ribbon just above cotton batting filling.
  7. Knot the fabric.

In just minutes you can have enough sachets for all your drawers and a few for the closet. These are also very inexpensive to make. ­ I picked up this piece of fabric for $1.00 and a roll of ribbon for $1.50, the essential oil I already had on hand. ­ I was able to make 6 from the small piece of fabric, with plenty of other supplies left over for more projects.

I had some leftover flannel from another project and I made my husband a few, tying them with twine to make it a little less feminine, and scented with sandalwood.

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