January & February 2011 Grocery Tally

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I’m WAY behind!  I didn’t get my grocery tally up for January and our February just ended on Friday.  I didn’t do too much shopping in January, so we had extra money.  LuLu just had her birthday the beginning of March, so I spent a good portion of the last weeks budget just on cake supplies, without coupons.

We have a $70 per week or $280 per month grocery budget.   Want to learn more about my family and our spending habits? Read THIS post
*I use the  free Savings Tracker to track my grocery spending

January 2011

Total Shelf Cost: $460.05
Total Savings: $295.54
Total Rebates Owed: $2.50
Savings Rate: 64.24%

Total OOP in January: $167.36 or $41.84 per week
Total Remaining from Budget: $112.64

February 2011 

Total Shelf Cost: $589.67
Total Savings: $349.91
Total Rebates Owed: $0
Savings Rate: 59.36%Total OOP in February: $239.76 or $59.94 per week
Total Remaining from Budget: $40.24

How have you done with your Grocery Budget in 2011?


  1. K says

    That’s great! The tracking program looks neat and I may give it a try.

    Last year we were spending around $400 a month just on food. I don’t even know what the household items and diapers were costing on top of that.

    Thanks for all your hard work with the match ups, store deals, and coupon info. We’ve managed to cut down to $50 a week for everything: groceries, dog food, diapers, etc. I know we’re staying on track because the new cash envelope system we started doesn’t allow us to go over budget.

    • Dana says

      That’s fantastic! I’m so glad to learn you’ve been able to reduce your budget so drastically and stick to it! That’s why cash works for me too. When the money in the envelope is gone, it’s gone.

      Keep up the savings :)

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